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Kartik Krishnan

Growth Lead

Following degrees in Science and Financials Mathematics, Kartik spent 3.5 years at Google helping SMEs through to Enterprises use AdWords better. Kartik then went to Cambridge Judge Business School to do an MBA where he discovered his love of all things startup.

Subsequently Kartik consulted and executed on the growth marketing campaigns of a number of startups around London and beyond, most significantly, award-winning Fintech upstarts, Onfido. Here he moved from being Head of Online Marketing to Head of Demand Generation managing the inbound lead pipeline while also guiding a team of SDRs in outbound sales.

For the past 2 years he has consulted with over 20 startups that have been part of Founders Factory's accelerator and incubator programmes in the UK, across Europe and now Africa. Kartik specialises in guiding B2B, SaaS and Marketplace startups and scale ups of various shapes and business models in their quest to find product market fit and subsequently grow or gain market share.

Kartik Krishnan