Helping medical students and doctors practice virtually before applying their training on humans

Insimu worked with the team and do a full review of their strategy and go-to-market (B2B vs B2C, or both). Once we had jointly reworked a bigger, bolder and more global strategy, reconfigured the user journey and overhauled the growth marketing stack, we set out to drive scalable and sustainable growth.

We armed Insimu with a new and improved app, clearer marketing messaging, a more robust mix of growth channels and a new pricing model.

Where they are now


Increase in paying users

Number of paying/premium users doubled with a 83% increase in MRR, resulting in an overall LTV increase of 46%.


Increase in active users

Total users grew by 70% in 4 months with a 480% increase in active users.


Reduction in CPI

Halved Cost per Install from €0.58 to €0.23.

“InSimu loved being part of the Founders Factory Accelerator Program. We enjoyed an agile and motivating work environment combined with a warm culture. The experts at FF are extremely highly skilled and super professional; it was a real pleasure working with them. As InSimu is based in the CEE region, even when we used e-meetings at times; those were also seamless and productive.”

Gabor Toth, Insimu

More Success Stories

Nick Torday, CEO

"Being part of the FF program has been central to our growth and we’ve been supported by great people. It’s been an incredibly positive experience and we absolutely recognise we got to where we are because we’ve had a great group around us to challenge us to think bigger and shape our business. We would recommend wholeheartedly"

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