We power founders to go further, faster

Let’s break it down a little more, so there’s no confusion.

The ‘we’ bit

That's our team, our first and biggest investment. Who set out for the recipe for growth for any business we work with. Learning from every mistake and win. Building up better knowledge to give back to our founders. It's this pursuit that brought us all here.

The ‘Power Founders’ part

We see ourselves as a factory that powers businesses growth. A battery pack that any startup can plug into. We want founders to be energised working with our expert team, our partners and being around other brilliant founders.

Plus, ‘further, faster’

There’s a lot of parts of building a startup that can slow founders down. We want to boost founders through all of it. The admin, the paralyzing decisions, building the right product, building the right network, choosing between frameworks or software. Just about anything that slows can slow you down we’re working on speeding up, so that our founders can be even more ambitious.

Our founders are setting up the support network they wished they'd had when they started

"We've created a win-win between the startups and our investors. Having built successful startups and sat on the board of many corporates, I know that each want what the other has. Corporates crave the speed and innovation startups have and startups want the scale of a corporate. By investing in teams whose mission is strategically aligned with the corporate we perfectly set the stage to make a partnership happen."

Brent Hoberman

Executive Chairman

"We believe that just like top athletes, entrepreneurs need brilliant coaches. We’re those experts, the difference is we’re not afraid to get stuck in too. In each field, we have an expert on hand so that our startups can move faster and smarter. With this, our investment becomes something exponentially more valuable than just cash. I'm focussed on maximizing that value for founders in every relevant aspect."

Henry Lane-Fox


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