We build and support companies, we invest in humans.

We build and support companies, we invest in humans.

After Covid-19 : for a better future

We’re all concerned by the impact of the current situation to our daily lives, our homes and our work. We’ve taken some time to explore challenges and opportunities faced by every single sector, and maybe we’ll all work together on a better future.

Join us on our journey with our new podcast series “Le Jour d’Après” (in French)

Our programs

Startup Studio

Originate and build a startup with our team and partners.

We provide our studio founders with €250k in cash, 6 months of bespoke support, and access to scale opportunities through our strategic corporate partners.

We are constantly analyzing problems and looking for the right founders to turn these concepts into fully fledged companies.

Scale Program

Work with our team and partners to go further, faster.

We invest tickets valued at €250k split between cash, office space and 6 months of bespoke operational support.

We structure the deal as a BSA-AIR and take 3%-8% equity, depending on the startup’s current valuation.

We promote partnerships

We’re partnered with companies that already have huge scale, now imagine them being put to work for your start-up. We call that unfair advantage. We know how powerful finding a partnership with these business giants can be, so we’re making it easier.

We’re a team

We’ve built a team with all of the expertise a startup could need. That means there’s a lot of us and as soon as you start you can see us as an extension of your team. We’re here to give you the skills you need so you can go faster for less cash.

We tailor our support

We work closely with our founders on what their startup needs before tailoring our support. This means working together on the bits that will make the biggest difference. The things that our uniquely valuable to your startup.

Get to know us better

We fund a better future

Working on startups that impact the world for the better really matters to us. We’re here to make that impact bigger and quicker. That means funding people free from any bias and building startups that we’re proud to show anyone.

Here are some of our wonderful founders

Florent De Gantès, Co-Founder

"Imagine if you found an experienced cofounder who knows every startup topic inside out, and still has the energy and drive of a first-time entrepreneur. That's the value the team at Founders Factory brings to your project, together with the structure, tools, and network to take you to the next level."

We're hiring and so are our startups

We're always on the lookout for brilliant people who are passionate about what we do or what someone in the portfolio does.

What we’ve been up to

  — a year ago

Founders Factory is going live in Paris

After London and Johannesburg, startup accelerator and incubator Founders Factory is launching a third city — Paris. Once again, the company is partnering with a corporate backer — insurance company Aviva France is backing Founders Factory Paris. Albin Serviant is heading the team in Paris...
  — 6 months ago

Toutes les conférences en ligne pour sauver sa boite, s’inspirer et rester connecté·e

Organisateurs et organisatrices d’événements, startuppeurs et startuppeuses, grands groupes et experts ont retroussé leurs manches pour vous proposer des conférences en ligne et des webinar gratuits. En voici une sélection (cet article est mis à jour et republié quotidiennement pendant la durée du confinement).
  — 6 months ago

Support measures for startups affected by coronavirus: the ultimate resource

As the coronavirus pandemic forces Europeans to stay at home and leaves companies fretting about economic consequences, startup founders across the region are wondering what to do about cash, debt and staff...

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