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In partnership with Reckitt

Our Home & Hygiene sector is backed by CPG giant, Reckitt, the global player behind everyday household staples such as Vanish, Finish, AirWick, Nurofen, Dettol, Durex and Veet.

A fast-track for talented entrepreneurs advancing hygiene, health and nutrition

A 12-month program for entrepreneurs

We’ve spent years perfecting a platform that shortcuts - and de-risks - building a business from scratch. We support individuals wanting to turn entrepreneurial ideas into venture-backable businesses by providing capital, expert operational support, and the scale of our partners.

Capital to build the product and get to market

You'll receive initial funding to validate your idea and build out the product, and an additional £150k investment once we've proven the concept and you're ready to launch.

Together with an expert team

Together we will validate ideas, build the MVP, and test, iterate, and acquire your first customers. After 6-months of building confidence around a proof-of-concept, we will help you accelerate your launch through our accelerator program.

We're your team of functional experts

We're your team of industry experts, investors and entrepreneurs, and we're ready to work with you from day one.

Born in our Venture Studio

Recently born in our studio

A unique opportunity to build a business from scratch, with almost zero risk

If you have an idea for a venture that is advancing the home and hygiene space, apply to join us.

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