Sales executive (EnvoPap)

Team: Accelerator - Commercial (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    About EnvoPAP

    EnvoPAP is a sustainable materials solutions startup utilizing green technology to provide agricultural waste a second life. envoPAP is made from waste of sugarcane fibres after harvest and extraction of cane juice. Use of envoPAP has helped save circa 600,000 trees and using waste resources to generate finished further large scale products.

    Our Mission is to create end-to-end sustainable solutions that saves the environment. We want to embrace sustainability as a core-business activity and develop environmental friendly products from agro-residue that can transform innovation and waste usage.
    Everything which is made from fossil fuels or tree-based materials today, can be made from waste tomorrow.

    Our vision is to protect and preserve the environment. We want to move towards green manufacturing for a cleaner environment and make everything that’s made from fossil-based or tree-based materials today to agri-waste material tomorrow.

    Job Details

    EnvoPAP is excited to offer a job opportunity for recent graduates or experienced sales person who can learn and develop the vital skills that are needed in the world of international business.


    • Help expand upon our current business development efforts.
    • Directly assist the Head of Business Development & CEO
    • Help with market research, lead generation, attending client and partner meetings as well as supporting local marketing activities.
    • Prepare materials, join brainstorms and help capture research output.
    • You’ll learn how brands identify cultural insights to develop products.
    • With your experience in the UK and international markets you’ll take ownership of the campaigns to increase customer acquisition
    • You’ll analyse organisational structures for our key Account Executives
    • Develop innovative ways to generate relevant leads and sign-ups
    • Create engaging content-lead campaigns to develop the company brand within the industry
    • Map customer relationships and broaden and deepen the connections between the company and key customers through frequent interaction and contract strategies
    • Drive continuous performance and customer service levels with accounts, outperforming our competition in supplier performance metrics
    • Support an increase in the % of 'Premium' business in the portfolio


    • You have a practical approach to work and are willing to just get things done when needed.
    • You are a recent graduate (preferably Masters-level) or Experienced
    • You speak fluent English and preferably an additional European Language
    • You are a team player and have great communication skills
    • You are results driven and interested in being part of a fast-paced sales environment
    • You have a clear interest in a sales career
    To apply, please send the information (below) and task submission to

    Please note you MUST have the Right to Work in the UK – valid VISA, NI number and a UK bank account to commence the job.


    NAME, CONTACT EMAIL AND PHONE, WHAT MOTIVATES YOU IN YOUR WORK LIFE OR STUDENT LIFE (100 wordsmaximum), TASK: You can complete this task in writing – maximum 400 words; or video or audio format – maximum 2 minutes. Tell us about a brand that has made an impact on you and your friends, and how this brand did it...OrTell us about a sustainable product – niche or mainstream – that you’re particularly excited by...

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