Senior front-end React developer (Ruuby)

Team: Accelerator - Engineering (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    We are looking for a new developer to join our dynamic team. We use React on our website and operations admin panel and also on our mobile apps with React Native. You will be working with a small tightly knit team on exciting projects where you will be able to put into practice your React skills working alongside devs with a range of experience and using the latest tools. You will be developing applications in a micro-service architecture where rapid development via code quality, testability and continuous integration is key. As we are a small team in a dynamic company you will be expected to work on all parts of our system so this is a great opportunity to work on the full stack if desired and be involved in technical decisions. 

    About Ruuby

    Ruuby is a digital beauty concierge app, which launched in London in 2015. We have unique access to a curated list of beauty professionals, both at-home and in-salon, and are the trusted beauty provider for over 4,000 women. Ruuby is a high-growth, tech-enabled beauty service platform, with strong backing from angel investors and family offices. We thrive on our dynamism and are the leading high-end beauty app in London. 

    What you will be doing

    • Developing applications in ​React​ and ​Redux​ for the web, and ​React Native​ for mobile devices
    • Make your code easier to refactor, develop and build upon with ​TypeScript
    • Developing ​npm​ libraries to use across our suite of applications
    • Writing tests in ​jest ​and build scripts in ​webpack​ and ​yarn
    • Improving our build pipeline and automated dev tooling
    • Identifying new libraries and technologies that can improve our customer experience and technical delivery
    • Working in an ​agile​ environment where you will be involved in code reviews, sprint planning, retrospectives and estimation
    • Contributing to decision making and architecture and development choices

    Skills and requirements

    • Excellent knowledge of ​Javascript
    • Excellent knowledge of ​React​ and R​ edux​, usage of ​thunks​ and ​selectors
    • Good knowledge of ​node
    • Experience of creating projects using ​npm ​and ​yarn
    • Experience of writing ​tests​ in JavaScript, ideally with ​jest
    • Desirably: an experience of ​Typescript
    • Desirably: an experience of ​React Native
    • Understanding that sometimes a small dynamic company needs to deliver the quickest solution rather than the most perfect

    Why work for Ruuby?

    • The Ruuby team is lean and dynamic, with the consequent effect that all staff members have a real impact on strategy, accomplishments and growth. The ability to develop skills across various verticals offers great benefit to longer-term professional growth.
    • We also get lots of free beauty treatments! 

    Could this be you?

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