Talent Incubation Lead

Team: Factory - Talent (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    👋 Hey, We're Founders Factory

    Founders Factory is improving the odds of startup success, empowering anyone to impact the world through entrepreneurship.

    We’re changing the venture model, trusting our ability to make a real difference to the companies we invest in. Our platform gives entrepreneurs market access to multi-national corporates, and bespoke operational support from a big and brilliant team. This allows us to do things that don’t scale, tailoring a program to every startup that joins. Letting our startups tap into skills they need but can’t yet access.

    All of this is funded by our corporate partners, but their role is not simply cash. They bring the best bits of their businesses to our startups - validation, distribution, insight and capital. These are ingredients that startups others don’t have, which is why you see startups here that can not exist anywhere else. 

    We’re here so founders who see the future differently get the skills they need to make it a reality. We’re proud to back founders others wouldn’t and we back ourselves to make them successful. We know the biggest impact comes from those that don’t fit the mould so we’ve made Founders Factory their home.

    As our Talent Incubation Lead, you are an integral part of the core incubation team in our rapidly evolving organisation. You will champion our culture, company’s beliefs and be an advocate of the company goals and mission. We’re on a mission to develop a repeatable and reliable methodology for creating successful early stage startups. 90% of startups fail globally, but we believe with our unique model that we can push the needle on this stat to develop a new way to launch tech startups worldwide. We expect you to be setting an example for others on the team, founders in our portfolio and the company at large. 

    You have a curious and creative mind, eager to understand what makes people tick, but have the ability to focus on process and look at things from a business point of view. You should thrive in a startup environment and subscribe to lean methodologies and principles of product development. The talent team operates on working within short and nimble sprints to drive urgency within each startup that we touch. In the life of an early stage startup, the founding team is the most critical component so we optimise for speed as a key deliverable for the incubator. 

    You have a high degree of emotional intelligence, especially as we deal with a diverse group of founders in our portfolio. Some know what it takes to hire an exceptional team, while others don’t. You will handle all relationships judiciously and empathetically. You will understand the need for a close working relationship with other teams in order to deliver great experiences and will seek out whatever you need to get the job done and will own the end-to-end talent acquisition process across multiple startups. You will need to challenge yourself to constantly think strategically and laterally across the portfolio to ensure that each founder you invest in has the right motivations and risk appetite to build a startup from scratch. 

    You will use creative sourcing methodologies and experiment with new tools to attract world class talent. You will suggest smart approaches to solving the talent challenges we have as a business, particularly around scale. You will need to be a quick-thinker and resilient problem solverand must be flexible to the evolving business needs. We expect you to have a clear understanding of the talent market in London, specialising in tech, product, design and data science. 

    You will have the ability to work independently and you will be responsible for managing your time and be confident in creating your own deadlines. This is a critical success criteria for the incubator that will create more urgency with spin out timelines that help us meet our contractual objectives with our investors. 

    You will demonstrate leadership qualities outside of the team by clearly communicating your ideas and seeking feedback from relevant stakeholders or other people within the business. This includes your ability to influence stakeholders across the business. You will build and develop tactical relationships and be an intrinsic part of communicating the importance of talent within the company, especially when it comes to decision making around hires/investing in our incubator CEOs. 

    👍Your role will encompass the following areas:

    • Representing our brand: you will spend a significant amount of time out in the market meeting prospective entrepreneurs and constantly pushing outwards. You will always have your finger on the pulse of the market in London and build your own network of exceptional talent
    • Effective interviewing: ability to intimately understand entrepreneurs and founders. You will speak the same language and identify candidates who have the right motivations and risk appetite for building a specific start within our incubator 
    • Powerful candidate experience: provide an efficient and high-touch experience for every entrepreneur from application stage to offer, including continuous feedback for the candidate, references to understand the biggest risks, complex salary negotiations, equity distribution for the entrepreneur and his/her cofounders

    👋You will ultimately be responsible for:

    • Identifying the largest risk in each incubation concept we launch and mitigate that risk by investing in the right founder archetype 
    • Investing in 15 founders across 8 industry verticals annually for each startup idea that is conceived within the incubator 
    • Recruiting an additional 2 co-founders (total of 30 hires) for each incubation business and focusing on team composition and skills gaps 


    • At least 3 years in executive search, product studio or an agency environment
    • At least 5 years in a startup environment (bonus if you have founded your own startup)
    • Deep domain experience hiring for product, tech, growth and commercial roles
    • Passion for working with entrepreneurs and launching startups 
    • Ability to lead and attract a world class team 

    🙌Entrepreneurial attributes and values:

    • Creative problem solving 
    • Embrace uncertainty
    • Value momentum over perfection 
    📈 Benefits

    We provide all the excitement and freedom of an early stage startup but with the stability and resources of a large organisation. This is your rare chance to contribute across the full business spectrum to become a founder in the future:

    Growth: Work with and meet exceptional talent. Learn faster than you ever have before. Access our large network of investors and customers.
    Autonomy: Freedom to execute, build businesses, not just products.
    Support: marketing, legal, finance, fundraising, growth, business development and recruitment.
    Health and Wellness: Comprehensive extended health care coverage from Vitality and Spill counselling.
    Office Space: Desk space in fully-serviced office on High Street Ken with table tennis table, scooters and breakout spaces.
    Office Meals: Catered lunches 2 days a week, unlimited breakfast, healthy snacks, freshly ground coffee and Paul’s Irish Bar.

    We are committed to building a diverse culture and are eager to receive applications from all backgrounds. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination.

    Please note: we have an overwhelming number of applications and will do our best to get back to you within 72 hours if you fit the bill.

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