CEO, Co-Founder (Albus)

Team: Incubator - Commercial (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    Founders Factory is unlike anywhere else. We create entirely new products from scratch and turn promising concepts into prototypes, and ultimately an MVP, validating decisions commercially along the way to attract a founding team that can spin out into a fully-fledged business.  

    Albus is one of our latest products developed at the Factory and now we need a CEO. 

    💅So what is Albus? 

    Brands are spending millions on influencer marketing every year. But 8/10 aren’t sure whether they’re getting their money’s worth, and the process of running influencer marketing campaigns can still feel uncomfortably unscientific. How much should they be paying? What are the benchmarks of success? How did their results compare to their competitors?

    On top of that, between drawing up legal contracts, processing payments, and tracking results, there is still a clear lack of automation. 

    Cue Albus - life made easier for marketers, with a centralised platform to run every aspect of their campaigns and offer insights on what worked and what to do better next time, saving time and money.

    For the right person, this is an incredible opportunity to join a business where a lot of the early leg work in launching this startup is complete, the first customer has already signed up for a pilot, and where you have the opportunity to get founder-level equity and responsibility as you take this business from early product to IPO. 

    🔥The Vision
    The platform will understand better than any agency the perfect influencer campaign for your brand. It will also be hugely beneficial for the influencer and marketer relationship, creating transparency on both sides, and a better understanding of how to work together most effectively.

    💥The Opportunity
     With L’Oreal as one of our corporate partners, the possibilities for commercial partnerships are huge. L’Oreal have already agreed to a paid pilot with us and we have worked with a number of big names in the industry for the initial validation, all of whom have asked to use the service once it has been built.   There are a lot of influencer marketing products out there that act as a directory or campaign management tool. Creating a platform that centralises all the information you need to monitor any campaign, automate contracts, track campaign reports and overall understand the true value of using influencers, is unique in the market. 

    As our Co-Founder, CEO, you will be responsible for:

    • Executing the successful launch of Albus
    • Setting a clear vision for the business (including product product direction)
    • Activating distribution partnerships, sourcing inventory and supercharging growth
    • Hiring and retaining a world class team beyond the founders

    As our Co-Founder, CEO, you possess the following skills and competencies:

    • Commercial and/or growth experience taking an early stage business forward 
    • 3 - 5 years of experience in a leadership capacity
    • A proven track record of taking ideas and bringing them to life
    • Genuinely passionate about creating fairness and clarity in the influencer industry
    • Proven track record of fundraising (ideally £500K+)
    • Constantly experimenting with new technologies and tools to drive innovation and creativity
    • Strong communication skills - you’ll be sharing the results of analyses, and discussing technical problems, with a variety of technical and non-technical audiences
    • Strong negotiation skills - you will be responsible for striking deals with suppliers for bulk discounted inventory Thrive in uncertainty - ideally in an agency business and/or startup environment
    • Deep sector experience in beauty, media or marketing (bonus)

    Could this be you?

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