CEO, Co-founder (Future Builders)

Team: Incubator - Commercial (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    “The spread of computers and the Internet will put jobs in two categories. People who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do.” - Marc Andreessen

    The tech skills shortage is rapidly polarising society into highly-paid tech workers and ‘everyone else’. Job market disruption due to technological innovation isn’t going to stop - adults entering the workforce today will need to switch career 4-5 times during their lives. Our current educational model can’t support this (it wasn’t designed to). We’re building a learning platform that breeds collaboration and improves the learning experience.
    This is not your typical bootcamp or coding course though. Instead, we have created a groundbreaking new way to train developers remotely. So far, we’ve built the first version of the platform and piloted the training with a major tech employer, proving that our pedagogy works

    Future Builders is different
    The way we train people is completely different from anything else on the market. We’re pioneering project-based, experiential peer learning to help students reach employability in the shortest time possible. The principles of our pedagogy are backed by 40 years of educational research, but we’re the first to execute them online (remote learning).
    Our vision is to provide a low-risk, accessible way for working adults to switch to a better career in tech.

    In this role you will
    - Oversee and manage the development of the next phase of the Future Builders platform
    - Look at not only how to scale the platform but also how to scale/hire the internal team
    - Manage the team of highly capable, imaginative and engaged developers
    - Have strong domain knowledge
    - Be able to give and have a strong understanding of software best practices

    The Deal
    We give you all the excitement and freedom of an early stage startup but with the stability and resource of a large organisation:
    - Get paid a founder-level salary to kick start your business
    - An equity stake in the business
    - Free office space with the Factory
    - Access to support across areas such as investment, strategic partnerships, growth marketing, design and branding, engineering, and talent.

    This role is for you if
    - You care about the company mission and the problem we’re solving
    - You want to co-found a high-growth startup and help take it to £20m+ valuation
    - If you want to inspire and be seen as a thought leader
    - You have trained developers in the past and enjoy mentorship
    - You have a solid technical background including experience supporting multi-tenant SaaS products
    - You are comfortable selling software solutions to corporations
    - You are flexible and adaptable in your thinking, able to operate in a lean environment where we prototype and test ideas quickly (and sometimes throw them away)

    Why join Future Builders?
    - You’ll have a major social impact and transform people’s futures through education
    - You’ll be solving a high-value problem at the top of the public policy agenda
    - Demand for our product is huge - your friends and their families will be asking you if they can enrol
    - As part of the founding team, you get to put your own stamp on the company and product
    - Your ideas and gut instincts will be valued and respected
    - You’ll work in the offices of Europe’s leading accelerator, surrounded by other startups, with access to investors and loads of operational and business support
    - You get founder-level equity in the company along with a competitive salary and benefits

    Could this be you?

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