Co-founder & Tech Lead (Albus)

Team: Incubator - Engineering (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    Founders Factory is unlike anywhere else. We create entirely new products from scratch and turn promising concepts into prototypes, and ultimately an MVP, validating decisions commercially along the way to attract a founding team that can spin out into a fully-fledged business.

    Albus is one of our latest products developed at the Factory and now we need a Tech Lead. 

    So what is Albus? Brands are spending millions on influencer marketing every year. But the information around good and bad, reasonable and unreasonable, fair and unfair, is still limited. How much should they be paying for an influencer? Have they got their money’s worth? What are the benchmarks of success? Who is accountable?

    On top of that, to create repeatable campaigns and cut down on time drawing up legal contracts, there is still a clear lack of automation.

    So we have made life easier for marketers by developing a centralised platform which brands can use to help with all of the above and ultimately understand what good looks like and make better decisions, saving time and money.

    For the right person, this is an incredible opportunity to join a business where a lot of the early leg work in launching this startup is complete, and where you have the opportunity to get founder-level equity and responsibility as you take this business from early product to IPO. 

    You can also read more about Albus here.

    🙌 The Vision

    This platform will be hugely beneficial for the influencer and marketer relationship, creating transparency on both sides. For influencers to understand their impact can only be a good thing in order to manage expectations and know their reach. 

    👍 The Opportunity

    With L’Oreal as one of our corporate partners, the possibilities for commercial partnerships are huge. L’Oreal has already agreed to a paid pilot with us and we have worked with a number of big names in the industry for the initial validation, all of whom have asked to use the service once it has been built.   

    There are a number of companies that exist in the influencer market but act as a directory. Creating a platform that centralises all the information you need to monitor any campaign, automate contracts, track campaign reports and overall understand the true value of using influencers, is unique in the market. 

    👌 Requirements

    • Experience building & leading an engineering team
    • Have 5+ years of software development experience, preferably in a B2B SaaS environment
    • Confident over the full stack of web development, ideally with Python & React
    • Experience with authentication services/SSO, best security practices, data aggregation products, micro services architectures and with engineering approaches for scale and performance
    • Be excited by the idea of becoming a founding member of a startup
    • Be engaged in the product development process and help define a clear vision for the business
    • Have strong communication skills - you’ll be discussing technical problems, with a variety of technical and non-technical audiences

    Could this be you?

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