Founder and CEO, Project Gaia

Team: Incubator - Commercial (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    Founders Factory is unlike anywhere else. Within our incubator, we create entirely new products from scratch and turn promising concepts into prototypes and MVPs. We validate commercial assumptions along the way to attract a full founding team, then spin the new company out as a fully-fledged business.

    Project Gaia is one of the latest businesses we have undertaken to build at the Factory, and we’re on the hunt for a charismatic Founder and CEO to lead the charge.

    What is Project Gaia?

    While the changing climate is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today, the fragmentation of environmental data sources severely limits our ability to understand the current state of the planet, and predict and plan for the future. Project Gaia will be THE global repository for environmental and climate data. It will provide a ground-truth which allows us to better narrate the story of the planet, with open-access visualisations for individuals, journalists and academics. Gaia will allow scientists to better model the future, and facilitate a new ecosystem for environmental data-powered products and services. Premium features will allow commercial customers (e.g. insurance, advisory, corporates) to plan better, government to create better policy, and intergovernmental bodies to better incentivise behaviour change.  We will use Founders Factory and founder connections to round up a powerhouse of influential climate advocates who will rally around and support Gaia. 

    Voices calling for action around sustainability are increasing in prevalence and volume worldwide, and the need for Gaia is stronger than ever. 

    The Role

    We’re looking for a Entrepreneur in Residence and CEO to lead the Gaia incubation project, and the business that it becomes. As Entrepreneur in Residence, you will establish Gaia’s mission and go-to-market strategy and attract a world-class founding team around you. After leading Gaia’s incubation period, you will become the CEO of the newly created business as it spins out of our incubator and joins our accelerator programme. You’ll have funding as well as twelve months of operational support from Founders Factory. As Founder and CEO of Project Gaia, you will be an evangelist for open access environmental data and a brilliant broker of partnerships, with enormous ambition to grow this business to tackle the biggest challenge of our age. You’ll be a natural storyteller and will love taking to the stage to inspire audiences with your ideas. You will care deeply about the climate crisis and will likely have experience working within environmental policy, consultancy, activism or academia. You’ll be at home in a fast-paced, technology-oriented environment and will have worked with data products in the past. 

    As our Founder and CEO you will be responsible for

    • Setting a clear mission and strategy, including product direction
    • Inspiring your team, customers and influencers worldwide to rally around it
    • Brokering large-scale data and distribution partnerships, supercharging growthIdentifying, validating, and prioritising customer segments
    • Hiring, motivating and retaining a world-class team
    • Driving day-to-day operations and guiding and coaching functional teams

    As our Founder and CEO you will possess

    • A proven track record of bringing ideas to life
    • Environment or climate sector experience, likely working with data
    • Experience working with new technologies and data products
    • Experience catalysing innovation and change
    • Significant experience in a leadership capacity

    As our Founder and CEO you will possess the following skills and competencies

    • Visionary: mission-driven and ambitious, with a clear vision and strategy
    • Thought Leader: charismatic, expert and at home on a stage; able to form views quickly in the face of new information and articulate them clearly and persuasively
    • Dealmaker: commercially-minded and able to conceptualise, design, negotiate and close brilliant deals with partners, customers and investors alike
    • Product Owner: customer-oriented and able to design, manage and market world-class products
    • Decision-maker: decisive in the face of limited information
    • Firefighter: calm in the face of unexpected challenges; quick to create, communicate and execute responses
    • Wearer of Many Hats: you do what it takes to get stuff done

    Could this be you?

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