Front End Engineer (Finmo)

Team: Incubator - Engineering (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    Finmo empathises with the day to day struggle of freelancers, self-employed and SME’s. We
    understand the immense satisfaction and equally immense pressure that comes with being
    your own boss. Financial Services – bankers, insurers, lenders – make it tougher, not easier,
    on the self-employed and small businesses. We aim to fix that.

    In the UK, there are 2 million freelancers who are a subset of 5.5 million micro businesses
    (0-9 people). This population has grown over 60% since 2000 and represents 33% of the UK
    employment market and 22% of the total cumulative turnover of all businesses in the UK.

    Finmo was built and incubated at Founders Factory. FF takes a unique approach to
    business creation and leverages the scale and insights from their forward thinking corporate
    investors to start and grow technology businesses. They’re on a mission to create a
    repeatable and reliable methodology to build truly innovative start-ups that will define the
    future. Finmo is the eighth start-up to roll out FF’s incubator program.

    We are looking for a front-end engineer to lead the efforts in our app build and redesign.
    We need someone who likes to work hard, solve technical and creative problems, collaborate
    with others, and deliver delightful software that millions of people use.

    The responsibilities include: building a high-performance mobile and web application,
    working with client engineers to design product work-flow & process, and developing
    software engineering processes (design, build, quality, maintenance). For the right person,
    responsibilities will grow and evolve based on interests, capabilities and client needs.

    THE WHO.

     can clearly describe technical solutions to both technical and non-technical audiences
     experience translating business objectives into technical deliverables
     confidence communicating to stakeholders, internal & external

     demonstrable React Native experience, with broad understanding of the Javascript,
    HTML and CSS ecosystem
     experience in writing useful automated tests within a React Native environment
     experience working with visual designers to create static and animated applications
     awareness of web, mobile and API security vulnerabilities and how to overcome them
    (e.g. XSS, DDoS, MITMA, Social Engineering)
     ability to research and lead technical exploration in certain key areas
     ability to code in more than one language
     experience delivering React Native products into app stores

    Soft Skills
     eagerness to learn and pick up new technologies quickly
     ability to work autonomously
     desire to contribute to team and company culture
     an inquisitive nature
     courage to voice contrary opinions in a constructive way
     eagerness to pitch in with a range of activities to help the company grow

    THE WHY.
    This is an incredible opportunity to completely upend a large segment of UK companies and
    contribute to their success.
    We are based in the Founders Factory Offices with business and financial support and access
    to an unparalleled network of leading corporate partners and investors. Founders Factory
    has a modern, tech-focused and importantly FUN culture in an open plan office (with quiet
    working spaces for breakout and brainstorming) but also a beer fridge and ping pong table -
    all shared with many of the UK’s brightest minds and most exciting businesses.

    Could this be you?

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