Full Stack Developer - BeRightBack (BRB)

Team: Incubator - Engineering (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    Full stack developer
    Salary: £45-55k | Location: London | Equity: Negotiable

    ✈️ Our story
    BeRightBack (BRB) is the world’s first travel subscription platform providing our customers 3 short breaks a year for a small monthly fee. After 20 years of innovation in the travel industry, we realised nobody had tackled the most painful part of travelling - actually booking it. With BRB we strive to make it possible to book your next getaway in 60 seconds, so all our customers need to do is turn up at the airport and start their adventure.

    BRB launched in August 2018 and has a fast-growing user base of customers excited for their next adventures with us. Our goal is to revolutionise the way millennials engage with travel, by making it social, mobile and effortless. We fundamentally believe seeing more of the world shouldn’t be a black hole in your monthly budget, or a full-time job to organise.

    You can read a great in-depth article about BRB here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/brb-subscription-travel-holidays/

    Full Stack Developer
    We’re looking for a full stack engineer to own our product’s technical implementation. As our full-stack developer, you will be responsible for building out a robust and scalable system for selling, booking and managing travel for a fast-growing user base with a lot of complex needs. You will be proficient across all aspects of development, from infrastructure (AWS), to backend and frontend (Django and React respectively).

    We have huge ambitions, so while we have a straw man MVP in place at the moment, we’re very much open to where we go from here.

    What you’ll do
    - Design and build a strong system architecture to support a scaling product.
    - Collaborate with the product to deliver features that help all the services users, from the operational back office to consumer-facing commerce.
    - DevOps, ensuring the service is running optimally for all users and identify and fix operational issues early.
    - Input into discussions about all aspects of the business. We run a lean team to enable us to make decisions fast and deliver at speed.
    - Design and implement the APIs that allow our systems to talk to each other seamlessly.
    - Set up automation of essential business processes (sourcing trips, payments, customer support)
    - Help us build a proprietary, useful bank of information on our users so that we can deliver best in class experiences tailored to their preferences.
    - Spike future features testing viability and investigating problems.
    - Build internal networking feature allowing people to refer, invite, modify and build trips together, collaboratively.

    Who are you?
    - You’ll be slightly scrappy, able to balance the need for quality and the need to move fast.
    - As an early stage startup, we’re always testing and learning so time sinks need to be avoided - Momentum gets momentum.
    - You’ve probably either worked in an early stage startup before, or been building smaller products on the side.
    - You know the challenges of getting something off the ground and making it scalable.
    - We’re a company that values trajectory and experience, so you might not have 4 years of experience, but you’re as proficient as someone who has 4 years.
    - Proactive, able to manage your own time effectively to deliver the most value to the business and consumers.
    - Opinionated, you will be the expert in the room as we discuss technical implementations.
    - You will be able to form and argue for the solutions you want, we know discussions lead to better solutions.
    - Strong communication skills, able to clearly articulate complex problems for non-technical audiences.

    You care about our customers! We’re building a lifestyle brand and community. Our goal is to be thought of as highly as the likes of Monzo, Dazed Magazine, Vice and Spotify. Being in touch with, and building features that serve their needs will allow us to grow bigger than our initial proposition.

    Our culture
    You’ll be joining a team of two or three people. It will be part of your role to help us shape what our culture is, and how we operate. We want to build a company that has a positive impact on the lives of our customers and staff, and inclusivity and empowerment are at the heart of our founder’s beliefs.

    Startups aren’t for everyone, they have an inherent risk - but the opportunity to deliver value is palpable on a daily and weekly basis. We’re looking for people who are passionate about what we’re trying to achieve and relish the challenges on the journey ahead.

    - Use the product you built. 3 weekends away every year on us.
    - Be part of a thriving community of startups at Founders Factory, with the opportunity to learn something from another business every day.
    - Free tea, coffee, breakfast every morning and lunches on Thursdays and Fridays.
    - Flexible working hours - we know not everyone is a morning lark.
    - Generous Equity percentage (We want you to have a seat at the table)
    - Regular events and talks as part of Founders FactoryMentorship through other engineers in the Factory environment.
    - Learn what it takes to build a brand as big as Airbnb or fail trying.

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