Marketing /PR Co-Founder (Project Ole)

Team: Incubator - Marketing (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    Ever been stuck for ideas for new and healthy things for your kids to do?
    Want to make up great stories, but keep coming up blank?
    Do you struggle to share in their fun?

    Caper can give you all the help you need to become a PLAY HERO to your kids. Get your kids away from static screens, encourage them to play outside with the power of storytelling all from your smartphone.

    Caper is a unique game-engine that generates missions and story-based activities for children based on location, weather and parents’ preferences. You could be at the beach, a local park, or shopping at the supermarket. Caper brings you adventure and excitement wherever you need it! All you need to enjoy some high-quality shared time with your kids is a smartphone and some eager imaginations.

    We’re working with LEGO, giving us access to decades of research and expertise from the forefront of kids products and entertainment. Their formidable resources will be a major advantage in understanding the psychology and mechanics of family play, and the full potential of our target market.
    Our vision is to become  the go-to content provider for parents and caregivers who want to share fun and healthy activity time with their kids.

    As our Co-Founder you will be responsible for:

    • Executing the successful launch of Caper
    • Creating a community of advocates for the brand
    • Setting a clear vision for the business (including product product direction)
    • Activating distribution partnerships and supercharging growth
    • Hiring and retaining a world class team beyond the founders

    As our Co-Founder you possess the following skills and competencies:

    • Experience in community building
    • Experience in a leadership capacity
    • Constantly experimenting with new technologies and tools to drive innovation and creativity
    • Strong communication skills
    • Strong negotiation skills
    • Thrive in uncertainty - ideally in an agency business and/or startup environment
    • Deep sector experience in marketing or PR (bonus)

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