Product Designer - UX/UI (Acre)

Team: Incubator - Engineering (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    Our mission
    Buying a house is one of the biggest financial transactions a person can make, yet the process is slow, opaque and costly.
    At Acre we’re going to change that by creating the first truly digital end-to-end mortgage in the UK. By completely re-imagining the process using data analytics and smart contracts on blockchain, we’ll be able to make getting a mortgage faster, less cumbersome, more certain, and ultimately cheaper.
    We have significant funding from a heavyweight in the UK financial market, which puts us in a unique position to execute on our vision and a clear path to reach customers.
    Who we're looking for

    We're looking for a designer to build empathy for users and work closely with the product team (development, design & business) to deliver best in class experiences for our customers.

    In this role you will

    * Work alongside our Lead Designer to develop our design system that will drive our product to be a truly great experience.
    * Work closely with the development team to design features in a collaborative team of diverse skillsets.
    * Be an advocate for delightful, accessible user experiences.
    * Be able to balance business needs with the needs of the user and make informed decisions and tradeoffs.
    * Build, measure, learn - you'll be prototyping and testing with real users to guide our design process, to ensure what we build delivers true value.
    * Be designing software that will help people through the biggest, most expensive transaction of their lives, and revolutionise a £1 trillion industry (in the UK alone).

    * Experience designing responsive web experiences (preferably within a team)
    * Confidence using Figma or Sketch
    * Ability to put together quick prototypes and test with users
    *If you can use AE that's a great plus!

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