Tech Lead (Kyte)

Team: Incubator - Engineering (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    👋 About Us

    Kyte is a new initiative to provide a suite of developer-friendly API’s allowing access to inventory, booking and payment functionality from major airlines to new travel companies (essentially Stripe for travel).

    At Kyte, we want to remove the high barriers to entry that currently exist in the travel industry and enable new disruptive players to enter the market. We already have many large global carriers onboard that are excited to work with us to move away from the traditional methods of distribution.

    💪🏽 Responsibilities

    - You will play a key role in forming the initial specifications of our platform
    - You'll decide how we present data, how we process it and ultimately how we store it for eternity
    - You will have to integrate airlines into our existing system, debug issues that customers (those are businesses) have
    - You will deploy new versions to production, expect them to cause issues and rollback... And loop over until there are no issues.
    - You should feel part of the team and a driving force behind the project

    👤 What we want from you

    - Entrepreneurial
    - Always asking questions and question how we do things
    - Growth mindset
    - Passionate about disrupting archaic systems  
    - Sheer resilience and appreciation for failure
    - Relentlessly resourceful and creative problem solving

    🎯 Technical requirements

    - Experienced building & scaling SASS based platforms
    - Good working knowledge of API design (e.g. OpenAPI, JSON, JSON-LD, SOAP, XML)
    - Expertise in Python and nodeJS
    - Infrastructure knowledge: AWS, Kubernetes, Lambda, Redis, ElasticSearch
    - Comfortable working on backend systems
    - Automated deployment and release.


    - There is an option to work remotely as well after some time (after we know how we work together best) and we have flexible working hours. So if you are not a morning person that should be fine
    - Access to the internal Kyte Booking app, which provides huge (YMMV) discounts
    - Work with and meet exceptional talent. Learn faster than you ever have before
    - Catered lunches, unlimited breakfast, healthy snacks, freshly ground coffee and Paul’s Irish Bar

    Could this be you?

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