Tech Lead (Project Lloyd)

Team: Incubator - Engineering (Full-time)
Location: London, United Kingdom

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    💀Life insurance 💀 is an industry worth over £60bn annually in the UK. 52.8% being generated from revenue and 47.2% generated from investment income. Public opinion of life insurance is at a record high, with over 80% identifying that they desire better life insurance cover and more flexibility as to coverage. Although the availability, on-boarding and barrier to entry is extremely outdated.  We are looking to develop an intuitive platform to showcase our first-of-a-kind insurance products.

    Project Lloyd is redefining three levels of life insurance:

    One - The market and product offering. We are not wanting to build the new disruptive product. We want to work with the insurance companies and create a two-tiered market place, as well as a two-tiered product offering.

    Two - The awareness around life insurance is outdated and at times, overly emotional. We want to embrace a new way of learning and understanding life insurance.

    Three - We want to build Project Lloyd for the now and the future. Growth is our caffeine and transparency is at our core.

    🔒 We value security, sustainability and transparency. We are prioritising early day partners who share these values. Cyber security will not only become more important, but compliance will increase and we know blockchain and AI will revolutionise this industry.

    🎨 This is an exciting opportunity to play a creative, hands-on role for what will become a product that will make people say “I literally can’t remember what I used before it!”.

    👀 We're looking for a Tech Lead to help us build out our business. This business has multiple moving parts from the marketplace element, payments and underwriting. We need someone with technical breadth who wants to join a startup and is excited by working on a greenfield project and tactical delivery.


    • Getting involved at the ground level to help us shape the vision for our tech product.
    • Building the complex technical architecture of our marketplace and securitising our payments processes.
    • Oversight of all aspects of engineering including technical strategy and implementing best practices & technology stacks.
    • Taking charge of platform development, owning the engineering budget and making key decisions on technical architecture.
    • Delivering the MVP (prototype), enabling us to test, iterate and serve our early customers.
    • Managing the end to end technology execution.


    • The ability to operate in a lean environment and a track record of delivering well-engineered products that delight users.
    • Great communication skills as you will be explaining technical problems to people with and without technical experience.
    • Experience of a diverse set of full stack technologies.
    • Be excited by the idea of becoming a founding member.
    • Knowledge of a range of current cross-platform frameworks - this is a complex build.
    • Be comfortable working across multiple workstreams concurrently.
    • Appetite for experimenting with new technologies and tools to drive innovation and creativity.
    • A high degree of user empathy and actively seek to test, learn and iterate based on user feedback.
    • Engaged in the product development process in prior roles.
    • Previous Insurtech/Fintech experience is desirable


    • ❓Challenge the status quo.
    • 🔮 Embrace the unknown adventure.
    • 😌 Be bold and transparent.
    • 💪 Own the good and the bad.
    • 👷 We are all builders.
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