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Alice Ferrari

Strategic Partnerships Lead

What did you do before the factory?

Before Founders Factory i was an Aviation Consultant for an advisory firm focused on commercial and operational projects in the airline industry. Prior to that i was at easyJet where i held a number of roles including working for the COO's office and managing key projects including initiatives around the digital transformation of the customer journey and operational efficiency.

What do you do at the factory?

I’m responsible for the strategic development of the startups in Founders Factory's travel sector both in the accelerator and the incubator programme supporting travel/aviation tech startups develop their strategy helping them find the right partnership opportunities that will allow them to develop and scale. I also manage the relationship with easyJet ensuring our investments are strategic to their business and support them in innovating their core business.

What makes you a good founder?

Passion, resilience and an eye for opportunities

Alice Ferrari