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Cosmin Manolescu


What did you do before the factory?

Before Founders Factory, I was a software development engineer at a company focused on Telecommunication Systems for Air Traffic Control and others. I worked for the backend system which controlled the equipments, applications that had to establish connections and communicate with ATMs, develop applications for the servers system management and databases.

As part of my Bachelor’s Degree thesis and my ongoing MSc in Data Science, I also worked on image classification,image segmentation, Natural Language Processing, Anomaly Detection Systems and Recommender System projects, as well as automation problems during my Bachelor’s studies.

What do you do at the factory?

Here at the Factory, I mainly work as a backend developer creating solutions and development architectures for the projects that I’m working on, with an open desire and interest for ML/AI/DS projects.

What makes you a good founder?

Desire for inovation and high imagination towards solutions for various problems.

Cosmin Manolescu