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Damian Routley

Managing Director, Home

What did you do before the factory?

In 2008 I founded, Adglow, a social advertising platform which was acquired in 2016. I spent ten years running this company, experiencing incredible highs and crushing lows. Since then, I have used this experience to help others going through similar journeys as board advisor and consultant. I also developed and launched the CBD brand, and the brand and entertainment consultancy, Otherly Entertainment. None of this should fool you into thinking I know what I'm talking about.

What do you do at the factory?

I try to identify brilliant founders working on interesting shit, then get obstacles (including myself) out of their way. Or more formally, I run our Home sector JV with Reckiit Benckiser.

What makes you a good founder?

3 parts empathy, 2 parts stubbornness, 2 parts storyteller. Dash self awareness. Gently shaken.

Damian Routley