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Dario Boscaratto


What did you do before the Factory?

I have always been involved in the startup world and I joined the Factory from Antlos (the Airbnb of boats), where I have been working as a web developer. Prior to that, I had worked at Lumi Industries, a startup producing high-res and cost-effective 3D DLP printers, where I got to play around with both the printers' software and hardware.

What do you do at the Factory?

I work in the Incubator and help develop business concepts ready for market validation. I also take active part in workshops and brainstorming ideas that will generate new concepts, as well as our weekly technical talks that make this a great place to constantly keep up to date with new trends and always provide great insight.

What makes you a good founder?

Empathy towards the most valuable resource of every company: people. Whether it's colleagues, end users of a platform or investors I commit to always learning as quickly as possible from my mistakes as well as trying to prevent them whenever possible.

Dario  Boscaratto