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Farah Kanji

Head of Talent

__What did you do before the factory? __

Originally from Canada, Farah ran talent for award winning Toronto based startup, BNOTIONS - a mobile, data and analytics innovation firm and was part of this team from the very founding days. Farah was responsible for scaling the team to 60 employees of product thinkers, designers and engineers which led to a strategic acquisition by Symbility Solutions.

Farah was also a community leader for the Toronto technology community and chaired several conferences since inception including AndroidTO, jQueryTO and the NASA Space Apps challenge. Additionally, she was involved in the development of the inaugural launch and intake of students for the Yorkville Media Centre, where it's core activities were to provide training programs within the field of digital media and software development. As a result, Farah was able to provide meaningful opportunities for participants to gain relevant job skills.

Prior to joining the Factory, Farah joined London based startup, Onfido and helped double the size of their team within 6 months to help prepare for their $25M Series B round of funding.

What do you do at the factory?

Aligning world class talent for Founders Factory, our incubator and accelerator businesses, and driving the right internal culture.

What makes you a good founder?

Unshakeable optimist.

Farah Kanji