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George Northcott

Head of Business Development

What did you do before the factory?

My career began at Nomura doing M&A Investment Banking specialising in ecommerce transactions. I then moved to Jonnie Goodwin’s Lepe Partners where I advised growth-stage companies including OneFineStay and Zoopla, made venture investments, advised media corporates and developed new business concepts, including with Bear Grylls.

After meeting Henry Lane Fox, CEO of Founders Forum Group, George worked within Founders Intelligence, a strategic consultancy, working with the likes of Visa and L'Oreal to try and understand how corporates can innovate and solve problems with talented start-ups and entrepreneurs. It was clear that enterprise and entrepreneurs can greatly help each other and there was also a need to build ideas from scratch and so Founders Factory was born. During this time, I was also acting CEO of, a matchmaking business to connect people at events and conferences. The company is now called and has raised significant invesment.

George Northcott