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Jeffrey Ng

Chief Scientific Officer

What did you do before the factory?

Before joining the factory, I worked on reverse-engineering the human visual cortex at Imperial College and co-founded two startups on internet-scale visual search and AI reasoning on scientific articles, raising on aggregate £MM of funding. I've deployed large-scale AI for Tier 1 Silicon Valley players and advised startups and big corporates on sales personalisation, recommendation engines, medical imaging, AI that design websites and social platforms that mix fashion, image recognition and recommender systems. Author on 3 patents and over 45 scientific publications.

What do you do at the factory?

I look after the AI, Big Data and Data Science teams at Founders Factory, helping with the AI incubation efforts and advising Accelerator companies on AI and ML strategy and team-building.

What makes you a good founder?

Having built and advised multiple startups going from zero to 60 people, together with flitting around the Venture Capital world, I offer a toolbox of options both high-tech (AI and ML) and in day-to-day execution, without forgetting to distill those down to value proposition and monetisation. Also, I am always looking out for the next market gap and big opportunity.

Jeffrey Ng