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Sam Nguyen

Product Strategist

What did you do before the factory?

Before joining Founders Factory, I have worked with both major brands and early stages startups, offering them Product & Service Design consultancy.

In addition to product design & development, I also facilitate workshops to help founders and executives to understand how to apply design approaches to envision future scenarios and rethink how they engage with customers.

As an advocate for accessible digital health, I regular collaborate with sponsors to organize innovation hackathons in London

Born in Saigon (Vietnam), I have the fortune to live and work in some of the most amazing cities in the world such as Singapore, Vancouver, Berlin, Munich, and London.

What do you do at the factory?

I am part of the Concept Team, where I am giving voice to business ideas. I work closely with our corporate partners and sectors experts to understand new trends and business opportunities.

Sam Nguyen