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Investing in startups from our hub in Milan

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In partnership with Fastweb

Fastweb is the fastest growing Italian telecommunications operator with more than 2.7 million wireline and more than 2.9 million mobile customers.

Together, we're investing in Pre-Seed to Series A startups in our office operating from Milan.

We provide entrepreneurs access to Fastweb's technology and commercial scale, combined with capital, bespoke operational support and access to our global network.

Scale with us and Fastweb

Capital and hands-on expert support

We invest cash and six months bespoke support from our team.

Our operators are individuals with deep industry, investment and entrepreneurship experience. They will work with you 1:1 across growth, product, fundraising, design, talent, engineering, PR and more.

Access to Fastweb's technology and scale

Leverage Fastweb's expertise, scale and resources.

Depending on your company and its needs, support from Fastweb could range from distribution, pilots, commercial partnerships, product validation through to investment and more.

Join our global entrepreneurship community

Founders Factory and its sister organisations have built the largest technology ecosystem in Europe.

We will unlock significant value from our network of investors, partners and founders across geographies, and we'll help you to raise your next rounds of capital to rapidly scale.

Our global portfolio

Shop Circle acquires and grows the best ecommerce apps.

Raised $65m

Delivers an entirely new category of made-to-order healthy convenience food by combining robotics with AI and state-of-the-art machine sensing.

Raised £14.5m

Storyblok is a Headless & API-based CMS as a Service. A CMS for editors - Structured data for developers.

Raised $47m

Flourish is a data visualisation platform that allows anyone with a spreadsheet to make world-class interactive data visualisations, maps, stories and presentations.

Exit date 2022

We're your team of co-founders

We surround your startup with a team of experienced marketers, designers, engineers and investors. For six months, we'll offer hand-on support to help drive meaningful outcomes for your startup.

You may be wondering…

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We’re combining Fastweb's expertise, scale and resources with access to our team, capital and network to build breakthrough technology solutions across Europe from our hub in Milan.

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