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Build and invest in the future of your industry

We partner with leading organisations to co-create new ventures and back the next generation of outlier founders


    Explore new markets and technologies at startup speed

    Founded in 2015 by IPO-exited entrepreneurs, Founders Factory combines capital with a world class operations team and a growing coalition of corporate partners. Our goal is to provide outsized value to entrepreneurs while delivering an authentic and effective approach to venture building and startup acceleration.

    We forge deep multi-year relationships with our partners, creating joint ventures to hold equity stakes in the startups we build and fund together. This approach delivers strategic value to founders and impactful results to corporates: achieving proprietary dealflow, organisational learnings and cultural change.

    Headquartered in London, we operate from hubs in London, New York, Milan, Berlin, Bratislava, Johannesburg, Singapore, Lagos and The Bahamas.


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    We combine your capabilities with our platform of founders and operators - unlocking transformational outcomes for your organisation

    Build new ventures

    Build new ventures

    Collaborate with us to identify opportunities, design concepts, build technology and launch new startups

    Invest in top 1% startups

    Invest in top 1% startups

    Discover new technologies and partner with entrepreneurs shaping the future of your industry

    Innovate with entrepreneurs

    Innovate with entrepreneurs

    Partner with our team of builders and operators and immerse your company in our global startup ecosystem

    Drive change & self-disruption

    Drive change & self-disruption

    Build defensibility and forge new strategies and business models. Our partnerships uncover learnings and bring new perspectives to your team and organisation


    Launch new startups on the Founders Factory platform in collaboration with our team and exceptional founders.

    · Create new technologies and revenue streams

    · Strategic commercial and follow-on opportunities

    · Drive innovation & cultural change


    We run early stage investment programmes for the top 1% of applicants globally. Startups receive capital and 6 months of intensive strategic and operational support in exchange for 5-7% equity.

    · Discover the next disruptive technologies

    · Forge strategic partnerships with industry-shaping entrepreneurs

    · Verified dealflow for follow-on investment


    Our expanding platform of funds are led by the most promising emerging fund managers in Europe & the US. Existing funds include Creator Fund, G-Force and Planet Fund.


    12-18 week, non-equity programmes designed to deliver targeted support to a larger number of early stage startups.

    · Reach a large volume of entrepreneurs in your category

    · Mentorship, speaking and workshop opportunities

    · Build a pipeline of investments and partnerships


    Building Tembo: launching a new family lending platform in partnership with Aviva

    Discover the story of how Richard Dana, former Founders Factory CFO, turned an idea into family lending platform Tembo through the Founders Factory Venture Studio.

    Build and invest in new ventures with Founders Factory