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Operators & investors

Our team support Founders Factory's portfolio companies in all areas critical to building a startup - from strategy, operations and fundraising to product, marketing, talent and technology.

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Leadership & Operations

Founders Factory leadership and operational support.

Corporate Development

Business strategy, fundraising and legal advisory support, from investment materials, term sheets and investment agreements to employee incentives and corporate structuring.

Venture Investments & Fundraising

New investments and portfolio support across fundraising strategy, investor readiness, cap tables and term sheets.


Making sure you can recruit and retain a brilliant team that can deliver on your mission.


Strategic and hands-on support growing revenue and building your brand.

Brand Marketing & Events

Creating Founders Factory's communications, content and event experiences.


We help you and your team to build the right product the right way.


Product and brand design - from experience mapping and prototyping through to production ready design.


From high-level strategy & hiring to hands-on development, we're here to support your engineering and data science needs.

Strategic Partnerships

We are here to help startups get traction with our investors and other businesses in our network. We can help across the sales pipeline, helping you run pilots and ultimately close contracts and partnerships.

Venture Design

We design the businesses we build in the studio. Identifying opportunities and potential advantages with our investors.

We're hiring and so are our startups

We're always on the lookout for exceptional people to join our team, or one of our portfolio companies.

Words from our team


The Alternative Funding Guide

From crowdfunding, to angel investing, to revenue-based financing, we explore the alternatives for startups not raising venture capital

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Read more about Prism and founder Eniola's plans for driving the future of work


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Jamie Rowles shares his thoughts on why ocean & coast health presents an important battle against climate change

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