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We've invested in over 300 category-defining technology companies.

Shop Circle acquires and grows the best e-commerce apps

Raised $65m

Sector Home/Hygiene

Perlego’s mission is to make online learning affordable for all. It provides students and professionals with unlimited access to a giant digital library of academic and business eBooks.

Raised £50m

Sector EdTech

Storyblok is a Headless & API-based CMS as a Service. A CMS for editors - Structured data for developers.

Raised $47m

Sector Media

Florish is a data visualisation platform that allows anyone with a spreadsheet to make world-class interactive data visualisations, maps, stories and presentations.

Exit date 2022

Sector Media

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Perlego provides students and professionals unlimited access to a giant digital library of academic and business eBooks.

The team have grown their digital library from 15,000 books and 350 publishers to half a million books and 2,500 publishers in four years, making Perlego one of the largest online libraries for academic textbooks.

They graduated from our Accelerator Program in 2018, with $4.8million investment led by ADV, and have since closed a £7million ($9m) Series A fundraising round.

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