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Where do venture ideas come from?

Effective strategies and methods for coming up with new venture concepts

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factory news

Investing in Playground—web3-powered community discovery

Learn more about how Playground is building a new platform to connect like minded individuals through blockchain technology

practical advice

11 ways to build diverse, equitable and inclusive startups

An essential guide for startups looking for best practice around building diversity, equity, and inclusion

practical advice

Where do venture ideas come from?

Effective strategies and methods for coming up with new venture concepts

factory news

Launching Carno—data platform for heat pump & renewable installations

Find out how our latest Venture Studio business, Carno, is solving challenges around heat pump and renewables installation

founder stories

Dronamics: How the Rangelov Brothers’ dream of ultra-efficient cargo drones is taking flight

Svilen & Konstantin Rangelov, founders of Dronamics, tell the story behind building a low carbon long distance drone fleet to transform the cargo industry


Investing in future generations: Putting children at the centre of healthcare innovation

Children’s health receives less than 5% of total healthcare funding. We can no longer bear the risk of underfunding & under innovating this space

factory news

Launching Freebird Club—social travel for over 50s

Find out how our latest Venture Studio business, Freebird Club, is addressing loneliness for older populations

practical advice

A Startup Guide to Facebook Ads in 2023

Growth Lead Louis Butcher provides a step-by-step guide to navigating Facebook advertising in 2023

factory news

Launching Econest—purpose-led property developer

Co-founders Marcel Shanti and Ryan Snyder share their vision for upgrading the UK's leaky housing stock

practical advice

Angel investors: An honest guide to finding & working with individual investors

Securing investment from angels is difficult—but if you succeed, you can get access to much more than financing

practical advice

To Code or not to Code: Advice on building your MVP

FF Product Coach Val Balace shares her years of experience of building tech products with different levels of code

factory news

Launching Bundant—smart home organisation system

Find out more about the latest spinout from our Venture Studio, Bundant


The Alternative Funding Guide

From crowdfunding, to angel investing, to revenue-based financing, we explore the alternatives for startups not raising venture capital

factory news

Launching Prism—a decentralised talent network

Read more about Prism and founder Eniola's plans for driving the future of work


Building for the Oceans, and the people that depend on them

Jamie Rowles shares his thoughts on why ocean & coast health presents an important battle against climate change


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