Investing in AtmoCooling—atmospheric control for global deserts


Investing in AtmoCooling—atmospheric control for global deserts

Words Founders Factory

February 20th 2024 / 3 min read

We’re excited to announce our latest Blue Action Accelerator investment—AtmoCooling. 

The problem

The Earth is getting hotter every year. Deserts are the focal points of this extreme heat, covering around 20% of the Earth’s surface and growing in size. 

These environments are increasingly uninhabitable and hugely restrictive to any productive human activity. Agriculture, for instance, is becoming increasingly hard to manage, as desert farms struggle to grow crops and achieve reasonable yields. Current cooling techniques are expensive, and require lots of energy or fresh water to operate. Even solar energy farms here are inefficient, as they lose up to 25% of their efficiency due to solar panel overheating. 

Life in hot desert climates involves devoting exorbitant amounts of money and energy to running air conditioners continuously. Take the UAE, where AC accounts for a staggering 70% of energy usage in many homes.

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The solution

AtmoCooling has a bold vision to transform coastal deserts into thriving hubs of agriculture, clean energy, and climate resilience. Their technology can influence ambient temperatures to create scalable, sustainable evaporative cooling.

AtmoCooling is addressing these challenges by building a climate adaptation technology. AtmoCooling replicates and supercharges natural atmospheric cooling affordably at scale. Their algorithmically-driven cooling system dynamically controls droplet size and is the first system to enable precise evaporation of saline waters like seawater or desalinization brine reject. This gives the ability to create and cool the natural environment by up to 15 ℃ from 10 to 10,000 hectares in size without using any fresh water.

The team

Paul Mahecek (CEO & co-founder)

Paul brings deep technology expertise having worked at the forefront of climate, agtech, and space tech. He worked for five years at SpaceX as the responsible engineer for the avionics system on the Crew Dragon spacecraft.  After this, he was VP of Engineering at OnePointOne, an indoor farming company delivering end-to-end robotic growing systems.. 

Paul Hervé (CTO & co-founder)

Paul is an expert in thermodynamics with a focus on microclimatic elements, pipeline system design, computational fluid dynamics, and agricultural applications for terraformation. He spent his early career as an engineer for Renault. He began developing the core technology behind AtmoCooling in 2020, before joining Marble (the deeptech climate venture studio) to develop the idea further, where he met CEO Paul. 

Why we’re excited to invest

Olivia Brooks, investor at Founders Factory, says: “AtmoCooling’s innovative approach to cooling technology will allow ordinarily arid environments to thrive as agricultural and renewable energy zones. With the demand for food and energy only increasing and the growing effects of global warming, this technology is a very exciting sustainable way for us to focus on these critical issues. Above all, we’re so excited to back the founding team with their previous experience at SpaceX and Renault and deep knowledge of this space.”

What they’re looking to gain from the programme

  • Opportunities to collaborate with others working in the climate space

  • Ways to leverage Founders Factory’s global network of customers and partners

  • Acceleration of our sales growth

Building at the forefront of ocean and coastal health?

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