Investing in CTRL Energy—fully modular, wire-free, reusable batteries


Investing in CTRL Energy—fully modular, wire-free, reusable batteries

Words Founders Factory

October 25th 2023 / 3 min read

We are excited to announce one of our first Italian investments in partnership with Fastweb—CTRL Energy.

The problem

Battery demand is growing exponentially. By 2030, electricity consumption will increase by 30x, while battery adoption will grow by 11x.  

And yet the design and fundamental principles of batteries have hardly changed since the birth of lead batteries in the mid 1800s. Even with the introduction of lithium-ion batteries, any advancements have been marginal. 

For one, lithium batteries have a negative impact on the environment, contributing to hazardous waste and material shortages. Production of lithium batteries emits around 73 kg CO2-equivalent per kWh. On top of this, the vast majority cannot be recycled due to complexity, time consumption, and low return on investment.

In sum, this has meant that current energy storage solutions are both costly and highly inefficient. 

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The solution

CTRL Energy has a broad vision to accelerate the clean energy transition by making energy storage far more efficient and reliable. Their first solution, the LEPO battery, is addressing a vast problem here. 

LEPO is the first fully modular, reusable, and wire-free smart battery made of recycled materials. The modular system means any device can be upgraded and expanded, making it ‘obsolete-proof’. On top of this, it has a high energy density, small form, and high discharge rate—making it easily applicable for a range of solutions including residential and commercial energy storage, grid stabilisation, and EV charging. 

Since they are reusable for up to 40 years, LEPO cuts the battery replacement price by 75% and the energy cost by 30%, seeing a significant impact on the planet. Each module used in replacement of a traditional battery saves 190kg of CO2.

The team

Raouf Remidan (CEO & Co-Founder)

Raouf has deep experience in the energy sector, having managed operations of REMA, an energy storage engineering company for over a decade. On top of this, he’s a seasoned entrepreneur, having started his first venture at 14 and having launched nine ventures in seven different regions. All this is backed up by his MBA from the American Business School of Paris, and a Master in Finance from the University of Nanterre. 

Adlane Denni (CTO & Co-Founder)

Adlane brings strong technical expertise, particularly in electronics and robotics. He led regional prototyping at Raytheon, a Fortune 500 defence technology company, as well as R&D at REMA (where he and Raouf met). 

Why we’re excited to invest in CTRL Energy

Edoardo Gentili, investor at Founders Factory, says: “The rising demand for renewable energy is driving a huge need for energy storage solutions. And unlike their competition, who often use third party power storage technologies, CTRL Energy owns the IP and the technology of the LEPO products. Raouf and Adlane bring highly relevant experience in the energy storage industry, and we can’t wait to help them scale a radical new solution for the clean energy revolution.” 

What CTRL Energy wants to get out of the programme

  • We are tackling one of the hardest problems in the energy storage industry, disrupting a paradigm that has been dominant for over a century, with a battery that lasts longer than the equipment, easy to repair and hard to break. A universal battery for everyone, everywhere.

  • Fastweb’s plan is aligned with our vision and gives us the insights and feedback we need to fine-tune our technology to meet customers’ expectations.

  • With Founders Factory's team, we've found like minded people, who dream big and execute with discipline to move faster and with focus.

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