Investing in CyferAll—data-centric cybersecurity for the post-quantum era


Investing in CyferAll—data-centric cybersecurity for the post-quantum era

Words Founders Factory

February 13th 2024 / 3 min read

We’re excited to announce our latest investment in partnership with Fastweb—CyferAll. 

The problem

Data is fast becoming one of the world’s most valuable commodities, and understandably, one of the most valuable targets for criminals. Threats to data are growing exponentially, with the annual global cost of cyber criminality reaching $6 trillion according to McAfee. Reported cyber attacks have increased 300% since COVID-19 began.

The OECD now identifies cyber threats as one of the top five risks to the global economy. A cyber attack now occurs every 39 seconds, with 75% entering through email and 95% of malware introduced by email.

Data is either encrypted or unencrypted—and both are to some degree under threat. To be useful, data has to be unencrypted (otherwise it would be unintelligible), but this is also when it is at its most vulnerable. This is why devices and computers are the most frequent targets for cyber attacks, usually from classical computers assisted by AI.

Even encrypted data can be vulnerable, depending on the quality of encryption. Mature quantum computing will be able to immediately break classical encryption, representing an existential threat to our digital infrastructure by compromising all sensitive data. While quantum computing is still maturing the urgency to defend against it is now. 

‘Store now, decrypt later’ attacks are the perfect example of this, in which hackers pursue currently-unreadable encrypted long shelf-life data knowing that the inevitable maturing of quantum computing will make it readable.

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The solution

CyferAll aims to safeguard the world's exponentially growing digital assets against all cyber threats—both conventional and quantum.

To protect unencrypted data in use, CyferAll’s key innovation is a zero-trust software architecture that manages data in secure RAM enclaves, reducing the attack surface to its smallest possible size—a slice of RAM. They complement this with a high-speed quantum-resistant symmetrical encryption algorithm to protect data in transit and at rest. This algorithm is combined with the NIST-selected PQ standard to enable post-quantum security.

Together, these capabilities create for the first time, a true end-to-end RAM2RAM data protection solution resistant to both classical and quantum-based cyber attacks. CyferAll aims to make the technology available as part of a software development kit that will provide the baseline from which to create any number of data protection business applications that will leverage CyferAll’s server infrastructure for processing.  They are also developing a turnkey SaaS service for enterprises. 

The team

Jean-Louis Olie (Co-Founder and CEO/CTO)

Jean-Louis brings decades of experience across defence and cybersecurity. Technologically, he is the backbone of CyferAll, having authored the two core patents that form the business’ USP. Prior to CyferAll, he spent 10 years overseeing cybersecurity for a French Ministry that regulated companies providing vital services. 

Alain Fernando-Santana (Co-Founder and MD/COO)

Alain brings years of leadership experience, having occupied numerous c-suite positions at technology companies in cybersecurity, fintech, telecoms, and more. His expertise lies in market positioning, strategy, sales, and global expansion.

Gregoire Olie (Co-Founder and Creative Director)

Gregoire is a design specialist, bringing 15 years experience of designing intuitive and engaging UX and UI which is fundamental to technology adoption.

Why we’re excited to invest

Edo Gentili, investor at Founders Factory, says: “As world leaders from Biden to Macron channel vast quantities of funding into quantum computing, the market demand for post-quantum-level data protection is rapidly accelerating. CyferAll’s comprehensive solution addresses current data vulnerabilities and post-quantum vulnerabilities to address this pressing global need. We’re excited to back their strong, expertly-technical leadership team to continue expanding their first mover advantage with a solution that addresses cyber threats that are both conventional and quantum.”

What CyferAll is looking to get out of the programme

  • Increased visibility of CyferAll brand and message

  • Introduction to new accounts

  • Socialising the CyferAll project with potential investors

  • Introducing the CyferAll technology to key laboratories, technologists, and other potential partners

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