Investing in Dataspark—the GenAI ecosystem for enterprise


Investing in Dataspark—the GenAI ecosystem for enterprise

Words Founders Factory

June 20th 2024 / 3 min read

The problem

Just as it does for startups, generative AI presents huge opportunities for large enterprises. 90% of companies will adopt GenAI into their organisations by 2030.

But while genAI has seen widespread proliferation over the last 18 months, the first generation of genAI apps are narrow, rigid, and resource intensive, making them limited in scope and adaptability for enterprises, and, in most cases, worse at doing the job than the human they promise to replace. Currently, there is no production-ready platform available to enable adoption at scale. Existing solutions make simple mistakes, are forgetful and unreliable. Enterprises that have implemented GenAI are left with fragmented, unscalable projects following expensive consultant-led projects.

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The solution

Dataspark is an AGI platform for enterprise: the world’s first reasoning architecture for agents that combines the capabilities of multiple AI agents into a unified framework. This innovative technology enables organisations to equip each team with powerful GenAI modular agents tailored to their specific needs. Dataspark agents, by working together, outperform the world’s best GenAI models on a universe of complex tasks, ensuring enterprise-level privacy and governance. They continuously improve and can communicate with each other to complete the complex interconnected tasks of highest value to enterprises. 

So how does it work? Dataspark empowers organisations with an extensive library of powerful agents designed to automate complex tasks and custom workflows. Each agent is capable of performing the work of entire teams. Companies can expand their platform by creating their own agents tailored to specific tasks, completely transforming productivity across the entire enterprise. All by keeping their data private.

Dataspark is the end-to-end platform that equips organisations with everything they need to adopt and unlock the full potential of Generative AI.

They are already working with a number of top enterprise clients, including Hitachi, the Japanese multinational, and a number of top global financial institutions.

The team

Giuseppe Ettore (CEO & co-founder)

Giuseppe brings extensive experience in tech and financial services. He has held key roles at Bloomberg, the European Central Bank, and AM Partners, where he launched large-scale AI initiatives, working on solutions and models currently in use in many organisations.

Daniele Ligorio (CTO & co-founder)

Daniele brings a combination of AI and engineering expertise. He worked at CRIF, the largest financial information provider in Europe, as an intelligence platform lead engineer. He also worked as an expert at Sysdata and iConsulting, working on large enterprise data and infra projects with Maserati and Ferrari.

Why we’re excited to invest

Elena Vittone, investor at Founders Factory, says: “Generative AI offers huge promise for enterprises, especially within the financial services sector. Backed by leading clients and distribution partners, Dataspark AI's multi-agent suite eliminates barriers to AI adoption for enterprises, offering customization, reliability, and adaptability. We're thrilled to join Giuseppe and Daniele on this journey.”

What Dataspark is looking to gain from the programme

"We are excited to start this great partnership with Founders Factory, which supports our vision and goals of transforming work and value creation through a technology at the forefront of innovation.

There is an exceptional synergy in our partnership. Access to Founders Factory global network of corporations and partners is an invaluable resource for scaling Dataspark to new heights, accelerating the adoption of our technology across key industries.

We look forward to launching more collaborations and establishing Dataspark as the driving force for enterprise transformation and GenAI adoption at scale."

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