Investing in Utpatti—decentralised AI predictive maintenance


Investing in Utpatti—decentralised AI predictive maintenance

Words Founders Factory

October 11th 2023 / 3 min read

We are excited to announce the first investment of FF Italy in partnership with Fastweb—Utpatti.

The problem

Manufacturing companies face huge threats to productivity, including unplanned breakdowns and reduced part quality. Even if just one piece of machinery in the assembly line fails, the whole process grinds to halt. In total, these problems cause manufacturers to lose up to $316 billion every year. 

Predictive analytics are increasingly deployed to help increase machine productivity, whether that’s through predicting the point of machine failure or the quality of parts made. The global predictive maintenance market size is expected to reach $163 billion by 2028. Existing solutions, however, are based on centralised AI that takes ownership of process data away from the companies, making the data unusable.

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The solution

Utpatti is building a plug-and-play decentralised Al based predictive analytic solution for manufacturers. Crucially, this does not require transferring the company's machine data to an external cloud or to install new sensors. 

Not only can companies now accurately predict machine failure and part quality, they can retain ownership over their own process data. This allows them to share predictive knowledge across plants in multiple locations. 

They are already running 10 pilots with engineering and appliance manufacturer Bosch. 

The team

Dr. Tejo Chalasani (CEO & co-founder)

Tejo brings a wealth of academic and industry experience to Utpatti. He has a PhD in AI from Trinity College Dublin, having previously worked as an R&D scientist at deep tech and industry 4.0 startups. 

Sahitya Parvathaneni (CPO & co-founder)

Sahitya has a Master’s in Interaction Design & Computer Engineering. She previously worked as a design consultant for startups and an analytics engineer at Cerner. 

Why we’re excited to invest

Edoardo Gentili, investor at Founders Factory, says: "We're seeing a a growing demand for predictive maintenance solutions, driven by the need to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and optimise production. This has vastly improved as a result of IoT and AI advances, making predictive maintenance more accurate than ever. Utpatti is showing many signs that it will be a major player in this industry - strong founder market fit and early adoption from huge manufacturers like Bosch. We look forward to working with the team and seeing how they can transform the industry."

What Utpatti wants to get out of the programme

  • Expand customer base. We aim to utilise the resources and network of Founders Factory to reach a broader customer base within the manufacturing industry. The goal is to optimise our approach in acquiring customers and increasing our market share in the industry.

  • Establish a strong European presence. We would like to establish a strong presence in Europe to position ourselves favourably for a seed round investment. Through the Founders Factory ecosystem, we aim to leverage the valuable opportunities to connect with projects, investors and industry players in Europe, paving the way for potential investment and growth in the region.

  • Develop a cost-effective marketing & sales strategy. We intend to devise a comprehensive marketing & sales strategy that effectively communicates our value proposition to potential customers, all while minimizing the need for a full-time marketing or sales team.

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