Launching Bondio—the first local connectivity marketplace


Launching Bondio—the first local connectivity marketplace

Words Founders Factory

February 27th 2024 / 3 min read

The problem

By 2030, it’s expected that the number of connected consumer devices (not just smart phones but any smart connected/IoT device) will reach 17 billion. 

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), like Airalo and Nomad, are seizing a huge opportunity here to increase connectivity demand and reach a long tail of the market that telcos otherwise struggle to reach. Hundreds of these platforms have popped up in recent years, and the MVNO market is predicted to reach $117 billion by 2028. 

These resellers are currently leveraging roaming connectivity, rather than local connectivity, meaning significant revenue losses for telco providers. Moreover, roaming connectivity is more expensive, slower, and less legally compliant than local connectivity. Being able to tap into local connectivity would allow telcos to recapture much lost revenue, while also opening up new markets—a real win-win.

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The solution

Bondio is a local connectivity marketplace helping anyone to resell or redistribute local connectivity.

Up until now, resellers have only been able to resell roaming connectivity—but this is slower and not always compliant. With Bondio, resellers can leverage local connectivity with 200 different telco providers all with just one single integration. 

For telcos, it means a valuable new sales channel to help them reach the long tail market; for resellers, an opportunity to provide cheaper, faster, and more compliant connectivity to their customers. 

The team

Robinson Nouveau (CEO & co-founder)

Robinson is a second-time founder with experience in the telco sector. He spent three years at Vodafone, managing the extension of their local access network in 35 countries around the world. Prior to Bondio, he founded SquadPal, a ‘Chief Happiness Officer as a Service’ helping remote employees remain engaged and connected.

Harshit Jain (CTO & co-founder)

Harshit brings deep technical experience to Bondio, having previously worked on telco APIs at Plivo. It’s his second time working with Robinson, having founded SquadPal together in 2021. Prior to this, he held various engineering roles at Amazon and Visa.

Why we’re excited to invest

Olly Betts, sector director for fintech, says: “Ever noticed when you travel and use roaming services on your phone your connectivity is never as good as at home - it sucks right? Bondio solves this by provisioning local connectivity across the globe so consumers get local quality connectivity wherever they are, while telcos can recapture lost revenue. I’m really excited to be working with the team to scale their marketplace.”

What they're looking to get out of the programme

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  • Get hands-on support from FF’s venture builders and team of operators to brainstorm ideas

  • Benefit from the FF's ecosystem of founders and portfolio of companies for literally anything

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