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Decarbonising the unsustainable and toxic laundry industry

Oxwash joined the accelerator program to scale their revolutionary sustainable laundry service. Their laundry system recycles and disinfects water from previous wash cycles, saving up to 60% of the water consumed in a typical commercial washing machine.

Fast forward to today, the team have scaled their sustainable laundry startup from one hub in Oxford to three across Oxford, Cambridge and London, and they’ve raised a £1.75million seed-round.

Following on from the exceptional support and mentorship provided by RB, they secured a major brand partnership with their household brand, Vanish.

Where they are now



Founders Factory co-led a £1.75 million seed round together with TrueSight Ventures, Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter), Paul Forster (founder of, and several other angel investors. Finally, RB closed off the investing round with a direct investment through their new venture capital arm.


Cities Launched

Launched in Oxford, Cambridge, and London. Business customers include Airbnb, the Marriott Hotel Chain, NHS GP practices, London Marathon, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and UCL.


Major Brand Partnership

Oxwash secured a major brand partnership Vanish. The brand's new Vanish sustainable formula – Vanish Zero – will be used in all of Oxwash's washing facilities.

"Founders Factory's accelerator turned out to be a real leg-up for our business. We received mentorship from some of the best minds at Reckitt Benckiser (RB), and we launched a game-changing partnership with one of their household brands, Vanish, in early 2021.

Not to mention how Founders Factory equipped us with the skills and know-how to scale our business into two new cities and hire our first team. "

Dr Kyle Grant and Tom de Wilton, Co-founders

Why we invested in Oxwash

In 2019, the global “green cleaning” market accounted for US $3.9 billion. By 2029, it will reach US $11.6 billion. The latest generation of consumers have grown up with increased awareness about sustainability, and expect companies to reflect their values. This has led to a surge in demand for eco-friendly cleaning products.

To meet this demand, a lot of large-scale manufacturers are now looking to expand their R&D efforts to innovate and develop more sustainable services. Combining Kyle’s and Tom's expertise in the science of sustainability with Reckitt Benckiser’s knowledge of the FMCG space, we were uniquely placed to help scale a new market leader.

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