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Riviter joined Founders Factory to build out their visual search platform and partner with global brands. During the program, Riviter began working with L’Oreal's brand insight teams and has since signed more than $300K worth of pilots across 3 continents. Founders Factory also facilitated partnerships for Riviter with YSL, Burberry, Nike, Pierre Fabre Group, Refinery29 and Vodafone.

Where they are now


Worth of pilots signed

Riviter has piloted their product with multiple brands at L'Oreal, resulting in over $300k in revenue.



Riviter have worked with L’Oreal across 3 continents.


Additional Partnerships

Founders Factory facilitated introductions to, and partnerships with, YSL, Burberry, Nike, Pierre Fabre Group, Refinery29 and Vodafone.

“Founders Factory has the unique ability to find exactly the right startup for the right partner, and our case was no exception. They matched L’Oreal’s needs with us perfectly, and in the process, helped us accelerate our product-market fit overall. Every partner they’ve continued to match us with since has opened our eyes to the new and ever-growing list of possibilities for scale.”

Andi Hadisutjipto, CEO & Co-founder

More Success Stories

Nick Torday, CEO

"Being part of the FF program has been central to our growth and we’ve been supported by great people. It’s been an incredibly positive experience and we absolutely recognise we got to where we are because we’ve had a great group around us to challenge us to think bigger and shape our business. We would recommend wholeheartedly"

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