The leading digital platform to distribute product samples

Sampler joined Founders Factory London from Canada to build their business into the leading digital sampling platform.

L’Oreal were hugely excited by the investment, on the lookout for a platform to solve their global strategic challenges around Sampling. Sampler starting working with one division within L’Oreal, which quickly scaled throughout the organisation.

The deep relationships they built with L'Oreal during the programme has had long-lasting results: since 2018, Sampler have worked with L'Oreal on 25 projects in 5 countries with 10 brands, and they have signed a preferred supplier agreement globally, involving a 'Digital Product Sampling' Playbook distributed to heads of all brands, divisions and markets as a must-implement strategy.

Where they are now


Projects with L'Oreal

Sampler have worked with L'Oreal on 25 projects.



Sampler have worked with L’Oreal in 5 countries with 10 brands and went onto become L’Oreal’s global sampling platform.


L'Oreal Brands

Sampler have worked with at least 10 L'Oreal Brands so far.

“Founders Factory was a critical part of our acceleration within L’Oreal, the team helped us position our solution in a way that would best align with the global needs of L’Oreal and worked with key stakeholders inside L’Oreal to break corporate barriers that would have otherwise likely made it impossible for us to accelerate learnings and successes so quickly. This programme has continued to pay dividends since 2017. "

Marie Chevrier, CEO & Founder

More Success Stories

Nick Torday, CEO

"Being part of the FF program has been central to our growth and we’ve been supported by great people. It’s been an incredibly positive experience and we absolutely recognise we got to where we are because we’ve had a great group around us to challenge us to think bigger and shape our business. We would recommend wholeheartedly"

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