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What We Do

We build products from scratch with our specialist incubation teams or product specialists, engineers, designers and marketers. We build initial products, test those in the market, leverage expertise of our corporate partners and launch those products as fully fledged businesses.

How We Do It

We source ideas from our corporate partners and network. As we identify opportunities, we work with our corporate partners to articulate product strategy and go to market, moving from idea and concept to product and business model.

In The Incubator

Some Of Our Businesses...

Robin is the mobile training and communications platform for modern sales teams. Powered by artificial intelligence.

Robin helps your reps perform better, every day. It surfaces the information essential to generating sales - training materials, decks and CRM data - and transforms it into bite sized, mobile learning.



Launching Soon

Buying a car is never easy. HelloCar is a new model for buying and selling cars that puts transparency, ease and confidence in the hands of buyers and sellers.


Project Carmen

Launching Soon

Project Carmen is about empowering employees to take control of their career. It helps you use feedback from peers and employers to help you achieve your career goals, and because you can take it with you to each job, it turns the traditional CV on its head.

All The Support You Need

Our Operating Team Include Deep and Broad Expertise

Join us, and come create the next big thing.

Founders Factory offers a rare chance to contribute across the full business spectrum - supporting startup founders in realising their visions, creating our own ideas from scratch and working with partner corporates to energise the enterprise.

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