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We start by finding problems that need to be solved, using our unique vantage point across corporate partners and our network of tech entrepreneurs.


In forming solutions, we focus as much on what doesn't work as what does work. We test solutions using prototypes of increasing fidelity. We build them quickly, test them thoroughly with actual users, and learn from every outcome.


Our validation focuses first on problems, ensuring they are real, urgent, and something users are willing to pay for, and then extends to the solutions we create.


Design & Build.

Once our problem statements and potential solutions are validated, we get a small team excited about this opportunity and begin building a minimum viable product (MVP). Our definition of MVP is a shippable product that delivers real value to actual users. We also set spin out criteria which we use to measure our progress.


Users are at the center of everything we do. As our understanding of their needs evolves, we constantly iterate to build products that people use and love. Iteration is the key to success. We aim to deliver value to our users as quickly as possible.

Launch & Spinout.

When we are confident that we have a viable business, we set up and fund a new company to take forward the solution. The team stays a part of the business to keep consistency and momentum in the new company, which will continue to receive support from our 60+ person operating team.

Meet some of our businesses.


An interactive storytelling platform that combines audio with contextual content.


The peer feedback system that puts you in control.


Modernising the elderly home care industry through smarter reporting and tracking.


The quickest and easiest way to book flights on your phone.
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