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We start with problem generation. Researching and finding the pain points across our six sectors to find viable business opportunities.


We create rapid prototypes to explore what's technically possible in the space and feel out the challenges in the space.


With our prototypes in place we can validate with future customers whether we're on the right track to solving their pain points. The best concepts at this stage get put into a six month build phase.

6 Month Build

Design & Build.

With a good understanding of the business that needs to be created, we start to build a scalable and testable MVP to launch the business to market within the six month period.


Rapidly testing new features and configurations of the product during build allows us to make sure we're meeting the needs of customers and continuing to improve on the core business model we've identified.

Launch & Spinout.

At the end of the six month build phase the business is incorporated with a founding team to move it forward with ongoing support from the Factory and leveraging our unfair advantages to scale quickly into their respective markets.

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An interactive storytelling platform that combines audio with contextual content.


The new way to buy cars online in the UK, removing the dealer from the process.


The peer feedback system that puts you in control.
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