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Venture Studio

For entrepreneurs who want to build a start up from scratch. Bring us an idea, or apply to launch one of our existing concepts.


For teams who have a product in market and early traction, who want to leverage our team and partners to scale.

An expert team

We’ve built an expert team across a range of functions, that typically an early-stage startup couldn’t afford to hire. They are ready to work with you from day one.

Tailored support

We work closely with you on what your startup needs before tailoring our support. This means working together on the most valuable areas that will make the biggest impact to your startup.

Get to know us better

Access the world's most influential companies

We make it easier for you to access the world's most influential companies. We call this unfair advantage. Everything from distribution to data, relationships, credibility and capital.

We're funding a better future

Working on startups that impact the world for the better really matters to us. That means investing in startups will make a positive impact globally, and powering diverse founders and their teams.

What our founders say

Nick Torday, CEO

"Being part of the FF program has been central to our growth and we’ve been supported by great people. It’s been an incredibly positive experience and we absolutely recognise we got to where we are because we’ve had a great group around us to challenge us to think bigger and shape our business. We would recommend wholeheartedly"

We're hiring and so are our startups

We're always on the lookout for exceptional people to join our team, or one of our portfolio companies.

What we’ve been up to

The Times
  - 2 months ago

Unicorns become rare beasts in a market no longer in the pink

Kelvin Au, Head of Venture in The Times, “In spite of a slowdown in March, in April we started seeing more investors come back with interest and appetite. And in May things have become much more active in terms of fundraising and discussions".
  - 3 months ago

Cloud canteen startup Feedr has been acquired by Compass Group for $24m

Feedr, a graduate of our programme, are an online marketplace bringing London's best, healthy artisan fresh food vendors to thousands of employees and has been acquired by Compass Group.
  - 3 months ago

Coronavirus case studies: How HotelRunner is working towards a more “tech savvy” travel industry

Hear from Hotelrunner founders, currently in our accelerator, on how they're helping the travel industry get back on its feet.

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