Accelerator Program

    Stepping through the program

    Apply, get to know us, then pitch for the program

    We want to make sure you understand how we could work together on the program. For that to happen we need to have a good understanding of your business. If we both feel that it’s right we will get you to come in and pitch to us and the corporate partner for the sector.

    We make the investment and kick things off

    If it’s a match then we will make the investment. You’ll start when you and your team are ready. We tailor your program to what your business needs. We want to understand what your goals are and why. Then work together on making them happen.

    We’ll measure the results and iterate for six months

    We know that opportunities and problems can crop up suddenly, that’s why we constantly reassess the impact of our work with you. You’ll work with our teams as your needs change, using there experience to make better decisions quicker.

    We aim for sustainable growth

    We want to make sure our support has a lasting impact on your business. Which is why we make sure to set up processes and give you knowledge that you can take with you. It also means helping you find the right new team members to carry on the journey with you.

    Wrap up the program but don’t say goodbye

    We will bring together everyone you’ve worked for a wrap up meeting. This is a chance for you to reflect on the last six months, the progress you’ve made and of course any feedback you have for us. So far 94% of founders say they would strongly recommend us to another startup.

    Being a part of our alumni

    At this point it’s the end of our formal meetings but it’s not the end of our support. We’re invested in your success so we’re going to continue to make our network and knowledge work for your business.

    There’s 70+ of us in London and we’re all working with our startups.

    We are a team

    We’re a team

    We work across different functional teams to make sure you have the right mix of skills to hand when you’re on the program.

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    Working with our partners

    We promote partnerships
    Our corporates are all household names with huge scale, now imagine them being put to work for your start-up. We call that unfair advantage. With their market insights, relationships, purchasing power, data, distribution channels and further capital up for grabs your startup could find itself with a completely unique edge.

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    It’s worth mentioning that there’s nothing forcing you to work together and there’s no hidden clauses. Our goal is to help you build a huge business not a feature for our partners. We do however think that working with them is a great way to do just that. Our partners can help you find quickly find ways that your product will resonate with customers then push home that advantage by helping you scale

    Latest Fundraises

    Freddie Harrel raises £1.5 million for afro hair extensions start-up

    Headstart raises $7 million for AI that tackles recruitment bias

    Perlego raises $9M Series A for its textbook subscription service

    Scale your business with us

    Apply to the Accelerator Program.

    • £30,000 of cash
    • Opportunities to scale with our partners
    • 6 months of bespoke support

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