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Opportunities we're most excited by

Future of Remote Work

Going to the office much lately? Us neither - and we bet that’s not going to change much, even after the planet has returned to whatever normal will look like. Whilst this brave new world brings all kinds of opportunities with it (that beach in Bali is looking more enticing by the day), it’s already obvious that the old tools don’t always work for this new context. How do we collaborate seamlessly across time zones and locations? How do we engineer serendipity given there’s no more water cooler? How can we combine synchronous and asynchronous working practices to create a best of breed? The list is endless, and we’re looking for ideas to help the distributed workforce of the future collaborate seamlessly, effectively and enjoyably.

Example startups: Notion, Miro, The Wild, Loom

Digital identity in digital worlds

The next generation is growing up living in digital worlds, with over half of US kids now playing Roblox with their friends in the same way earlier generations played in the park. These metaverses built around gaming, digital items and allowing people to express themselves online are already huge businesses and only going to get bigger. The need for digital track and trace has also highlighted the importance of digital identity management that allows for both privacy and security around personal details. We’re interested to hear from founders that understand this new world and have ideas around self-expression, digital commerce and identity.

Example startups: Yoti, ForgeRock, Somnium Space, Wolf3d, Fabricant

Next Gen Audio

Apple Airpods are the 2nd fastest-selling new Apple product of all time. Combined with the sky-rocketing popularity of podcasts, audio is taking the place of screens in major parts of our lives. We want to hear from Founders working on disruptive ideas in audio. How can ideas seen in other places online be brought into audio? What does product discovery look like in audio, or affiliate marketing? What happens when people interact constantly with voice assistants?

Example startups: Blutag, Clubhouse,

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Our world-leading accelerator program invests in founders who have a product in market and early traction, who want to leverage our team and partners to scale.

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