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Mission Studio

We’re building the next generation of mission-led startups. Our Mission Studio will create and scale new tech startups reducing household carbon emissions and improving health through tackling obesity and loneliness.

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In partnership
with Nesta

Our Mission Studio is a collaboration between Founders Factory and Nesta. Nesta is the UK’s innovation agency for social good. It designs, tests and scales new solutions to society’s biggest problems. Nesta’s three missions are to give every child a fair start, help people live healthy lives, and create a sustainable future where the economy works for both people and the planet.

Our areas of focus

In line with Nesta’s missions, we’ve identified two specific areas that we’re looking to build new ventures around initially. These are:

Reducing household carbon emissions

Building solutions that will rapidly accelerate the decarbonisation of UK households. The goal is to slash home carbon emissions by 28%, paving the way for the UK to meet its legally binding target of net-zero by 2050.

Improving health and narrowing health inequalities


Building ventures that make food healthier, healthy eating easier and healthier food more accessible and affordable. The goal is to halve the prevalence of obesity in the UK by 2030, increasing life expectancy by an average of two years for ten million people.


Investing in solutions that effectively tackle loneliness. Our goal is to help people remain productive, independent and socially connected across generations.

Are you an aspiring founder with a bright idea?

A cornerstone of the Mission Studio is our ‘Diversity by Design’ strategy. We’re looking to attract, nurture, and invest in diverse founders from all backgrounds, particularly to those who may have previously lacked the opportunity to found their own business.

As a venture builder we can provide bespoke operating support, mentorship and the ability to earn a salary while founders build their business - essentially overcoming many of the barriers to entry that diverse groups often face.

If you are passionate about designing for any of these focus areas or have sector expertise or an existing idea get in touch! Our first focus theme will be “Reducing Household Carbon Emissions” and therefore will be prioritising ideas which might fit in this category.

What we offer

Go from idea to scale, without traditional risks

We’ve spent years perfecting a platform that shortcuts - and de-risks - building a business from scratch. We bring together bold ideas, exceptional entrepreneurs, capital, expert operational support, and the scale of our corporate partners, to turn bold ideas into venture-backable businesses.

£300k investment to build the product and get to market

You'll receive up to £100k investment to validate your idea and build out the product, and up to a further £200k once we've proven the concept and you're ready to launch.

Together with an expert team

Having worked with nearly 200 startups across all stages, we know what it takes for a startup to succeed. Together we will validate ideas, build the MVP, and test, iterate, and acquire your first customers. And when we’re confident that we’ve proven the concept (typically after 6-months), we’ll help you accelerate your launch.

Leverage our global network for life

We have a wider network of 100+ corporates, investors across different stages, geographies and sectors, and a strong community of fellow founders.

Helping you succeed is our #1 objective

Interested in building mission-led startups?

If you're a founder with ideas for solving problems around home carbon emissions, obesity, and tackling loneliness, apply to our Mission Studio now.

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