We work with you to move your venture forward faster

Partner with us to build your start up

Work with us on ideas, build the product with our operational experts, get your seed and grow. Sky is the limit.

We give you 250k€ for 25% of the business

You can come to us with the idea or insight or take on something that we've been working on ourselves. We use our investors to find unique market insights and quickly validate the opportunities we move forward with.

Work with our team whilst yours grows

We're doing this together so as well as the cash our team will be working alongside you for the first year. We have the expertise available to you when you need it, so that whatever hurdle we can work through it faster.

We do things that don't scale so you can

We know getting something off the ground is hard so we’re here to put in the hard yards with you and because we've done it before we know how to speed it up.

Find your edge with our investors

Our investor's knowledge and scale could give your startup a completely unique advantage. We put founders in the right rooms to make it happen.

Team up to scale up

Already having a MVP ? Need now to grow and scale ?
Join us for 6 months program, work with our experts, reach your targets.

For 4-7% we give you 40k€ and a tailored 6 month program

We invest in startups in the sectors our partners sponsor. We don’t mind if it’s just you in the team or ten people. We don’t work to any date, you’ll start when it makes sense for your business.

We have an expert for every startup situation

In our team, we have experts in every department a startup could need. On the program you can tap into that breadth of knowledge the moment you need it.

Our team will work with you on what your business needs

We look closely with our founders at their startups needs before tailoring our support. We want to work together on the things that will make the most difference.

Our corporate investors could give your startup a completely unique edge

Our partners are some of the world's biggest businesses. Working with them could be the secret to your startup's success, we’re here to help make that happen.

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