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Opportunities we're most excited by

Predictive & Operational Efficiencies

Facing great pressure, businesses across the travel sector are seeking ways to minimise inefficiency in their technology, operations and business model. Tools that will allow them to cut costs, save time and cut steps in a process will become increasingly important in the current travel climate. We are interested in businesses and tools that harness the power of data and predictive technology to streamline processes, prioritise delivery and mitigate issues before they arise.

Example startups: Tarmac Technologies, Migacore

Repurpose Surplus

The ongoing upheaval caused by Covid 19 has led to an extreme surplus of supply and assets in the travel, events and hospitality industries. Empty hotel beds and venues, plane seats and space, unused event equipment and most importantly a largely redundant workforce, all reinforce the pressing need to focus on how we reimagine value from the untapped assets in this space.

Example startups: AndCo, Daycation, Dr Trip

Everything & Everyone Online

Historically large parts of the travel industry operated offline, advertising and selling in real life. The world of travel has now exclusively moved online. We are looking for founders who are finding ways to bring travel businesses who still operate offline into the digital world. We see lots of examples of this (the lack of digitisation in camping, to high street tour operators, to travel experiences that have remained IRL only) and want love to hear about other areas too!

Example startups: HipCamp, Other World, The Retreat Company

Seamless Travel

Cutting out time-consuming or unnecessary steps in the travel process has been the inspiration behind a lot of innovation. Now, with the pressing need for fewer physical contact points, exacerbated by Covid, we believe there is space to make the travel process yet more seamless and efficient, improving customer experience and further reducing touch-points.

From digital IDs and biometric technology, pre-check services, ticketing and real time space monitoring, we want to hear from founders who are focused on seamless and safe travel.

Example startups: Fetchy Fox, Akia, Elenium, Further Network

And any other ideas!

We recognise that there are certain macro and emerging trends across the travel sector that we have not covered in our focus areas. If you have an idea in the travel space that you want to build with Founders Factory, please reach out.

Other areas of particular interest are:

Sustainable Travel, Staycations, Hygienic Travel, Senior or Elder Travel, Booming use of bike, The nomadic workforce, Future of Aviation

Read more about some of the thinking behind our investment themes in travel here.

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