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Stepping through the Retail accelerator program

6-months of bespoke support + £30k

We design and implement a six-month program completely tailored to your startup's needs and growth objectives.

Startups joining the accelerator program also receive £30k in cash.

A team of functional experts

Our team are individuals with deep industry, investment and entrepreneurship experience. They will be on hand to support across growth, product, fundraising, design, talent, engineering, PR and more.

Access to the world's most influential companies

We're partnered with the world's largest corporates across sectors.

Depending on your company and it’s needs, corporate support could range from distribution, pilots, commercial partnerships, product validation through to investment and more.

In partnership with Marks and Spencer

When you join, we'll work with you and the team at Marks and Spencer to design a bespoke engagement plan. This will include all the ways that you could partner. Think sessions with their data and insights teams, mentorship and expertise from relevant business units, and opportunities for commercial pilots and contracts - and possibly even capital investment on your next round.

We're your team of functional experts

We're your team of industry experts, investors and entrepreneurs, and we're ready to work with you from day one.

Opportunities we're most excited by

Product development

In line with the surge in grocery demand, we are looking for start-ups that make it easy for supermarkets and brands to quickly iterate and develop new food products.


Brands and retailers are more committed than ever to finding innovative ways to reuse, recycle and reduce plastic. We’re looking for solutions that can do this at scale, in a cost-effective way.

Nutrition & Diet

More and more consumers are actively choosing to limit certain food groups, for environmental or simply preventative reasons. We’re looking for technology that helps to access and navigate the right food choices easier.

Future of the food workforce

Covid-19 brought immense uncertainty for the hospitality industry and those it employs. We’re looking for technology that enables the food workforce to quickly adapt to these peaks and troughs in demand.

Health & Wellness

We're experiencing society’s biggest-ever health kick. We’re looking for start-ups addressing this growing market – from pharma tech all the way through to digitally-native D2C health supplement brands.

Retail Success Stories

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