Launching Bundant—smart home organisation system


Launching Bundant—smart home organisation system

Words Founders Factory

April 6th 2023 / 3 min read

The problem

Almost 90% of our purchases are replenishments. Simply put, when we run out of stuff, whether that’s toothpaste or toilet roll, we tend to rebuy the exact same product. So much of our time is dedicated to replenishing this stuff. 

At the same time, home organisation is a huge rising trend on social media. Whole algorithms are filled with satisfying videos of people stacking their fridges or colour-coordinating their laundry tabs. It’s clear more and more people care about the aesthetics and details of their home and hygiene products, and what that says about their lifestyles. 

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The solution

Bundant is a seamless predictive shopping platform for busy families. Through smart devices (‘Bundantbands’) attached to your kitchen containers, and an AI-powered app, the platform is designed to help you avoid running out of household essentials.

The business is starting with laundry and cleaning products, with the scope of broadening to other household products further down the line. Brands are strongly incentivised to work with Bundant as it encourages repeat purchasing. 

The team

Ike Cooke (Founder & CEO)

Founder/CEO Ike hails from an engineering and design background, with a Master’s in Global Innovation Design from Imperial College and the Royal College of Art. She spent five years as a funding manager at Virgin Startup, before which she held various roles at HSBC. Above all this, Ike is her own ideal customer—a busy parent who understands all too well the challenges of keeping up with the constant demand for household essentials.  

Pedro Jurado (CTO)

Pedro has over 15 years of experience in technical roles at startups. He’s held CTO positions at a number of startups, including a zero-emissions mobility platform, a co-working space, and an energy comparison website. 

Why we’re excited to launch Bundant

Claire Morris, Founders Factory's Chief Studio Officer says: “In a world where more and more people are suffering from subscription fatigue, the time is right for a solution like Bundant. Its usage-based refills mean customers get products exactly when they need it. As we inevitably move towards more automated homes, Ike and her team are building an exciting proposition for brands, while also tapping into the massive growth in home organisation content on social media.”

What Bundant wants to get out of the programme

  • Being part of the accelerator will provide us with the opportunity to connect with the right investors who can help us achieve our fundraising goals and unlock new opportunities for growth.

  • Introductions to invaluable industry connections. Reckitt being our first potential brand partner has been invaluable for Bundant and with Founders Factory’s help, we’re looking to build many more valuable brand partnerships. 

  • Access marketing and growth expertise to optimise Bundant's customer acquisition and retention strategies. By tapping into the FF accelerator's resources, we will be able to enhance our product offerings and reach new audiences more effectively.

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