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Founder Brendan Murdock joined Founders Factory to build out his digital vision for anatome, having previously built the brand through their beautiful store in St. James Piccadilly, and wholesale partnerships. Working with the Founders Factory team, anatome re-built their eCommerce site and developed content and digital experiences around deep customer insights that reflect anatome’s sensual in-store experiences.

Where they are now


Increase In Online Revenue

Introduced online/D2C as a significant revenue driver, increasing online revenue by 250% by the end of the programme (5x monthly revenue).


Conversion Rate Improvement

With improvements to the website, as well as improved targeting, we were able to double ecommerce conversion rates.



Brendan has since gone onto raise £220k in the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“Our time with Founders Factory, facilitated a reimagining of the anatome digital platform and helped formulate a strategy to prepare the brand for our next stage of digital growth. The team at founders factory are true collaborators, formulating, strategizing and helping to implement anatome london digital plan and evolution, true talent to support and nurture an emerging brand.”

Brendan Murdock, CEO

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Nick Torday, CEO

"Being part of the FF program has been central to our growth and we’ve been supported by great people. It’s been an incredibly positive experience and we absolutely recognise we got to where we are because we’ve had a great group around us to challenge us to think bigger and shape our business. We would recommend wholeheartedly"

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